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  • 2015.04 SaS Project Management Office Update, June 2015
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VMHosting 2.0

Project Manager: Rose Pruyne
Deputy Project Manager: Kevin Morgan 

  • Soft Launch of Self-Service Portal and Web Presence completed, June 17-July 6. 
  • Phase-1 deployed July 6.
  • Project moving into closure.


ITS Professional Development Strategy

Project Manager: Rose Pruyne

  • Financial data gathered; will present on this information at first Advisory Board meeting.

  • Benchmarking study completed.
  • Survey to gather data from ITS managers and staff developed; will be deployed July 15.
  • First Advisory Board meeting scheduled for July 28.

Software Licensing Repository Standup

Project Manager: Erin Murtha

  • The team investigated a couple of new technology solutions, and a decision to move forward with License Dashboard has been reached.
  • Procurement Services is in the contract negotiation process.
  • The team welcomed a new Technical Lead - Andy Lawler of CLC.

SaS Web Strategy

Project Manager: Kevin Morgan

  •  The formers DLT pages were forwarded to the SaS website

  • The MyIT Community and CRM site also now refer to the SaS website

  • Stories are in place to move the Call Center forms into Service Now and End user portal

  • Once the story work is done, the CSS pages will be shut down

SaS Crisis Response

Project Manager: Cristol Gregory

  • Process flows are complete, but syntax integration still needed.
  • Operations and Logistics stream are continuing to discover items to add to the deliverables and procedures docs
  • 7/7 Team Readiness exercise exposed the need to refine decision models/tools and escalation paths and re-peat readiness exercise
  • Added Madelyn Wagner to Operations stream to assist in documentation
  • Erin Murtha backing up Cristol for vacation 7/11-7/22
  • Need to confirm some other back-ups



Azure & AWS Pilots

Project Manager: Erin Murtha
Deputy Project Manager: Rose Pruyne

  • A test environment with local resources has been established for the team.

  • Testing is under way for each of the three subteams. 

    • Testing Includes: Application, Latency and Bandwidth for, Perf Sonar, SmokePing, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Exchange and Active Directory.
  • A white paper template has been created and the teams will be populating it as their work progresses. 

ITS/ITX Transformation

 Project Manager: Richard Dumm

Data Center Strategy

 Project Manager: Erin Murtha

  • A draft Service Design Package was created in just under 4 weeks, based on the service option selected from the Strategy phase.
  • The documentation is currently under final review.

Solutions Architects

 Project Manager: Erin Murtha

  • The Solutions Architects project came to a close this month.
  • The team made significant progress on defining best practices, time tracking mechanisms, and drafting white papers. 


Effective Facilitator Training Coordination

Project Manager: Madelyn Wagner

  • Funding approved, still finalizing agreements
  • Vendor: Leadership Strategies (LS) with Bill Olson as trainer
  • Venue: Penn Stater
  • Dates: August 24th to 27th
  • Max capacity: 24 students
  • Related: LS Virtual Link remote meeting training is being planned for 16 students

Hydra Sprint

Project Managers: Kevin Morgan, Nigel McFarlane

  • Light scrum mastering for ITX DevOps team (Dan's group). Goal of sprint was to test of how well the collaboration effort would work. Activity is completed.

Project Management Cross-Training–OHR

Project Manager: Rose Pruyne

  • Gathering requirements from project manager in OHR about his needs regarding setting up Agile framework for some of his projects.
  • Draft of curriculum in progress for coaching OHR project manager on Agile processes and assisting with Agile setup in his unit.
  • Next steps:
    • collaborate with OHR project manager, members of the SaS PMO, and others on the curriculum
    • begin first phase of coaching, consulting

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Sub-Team

Team Member: Rose Pruyne

  • Working on process and procedures document, one-page summary, and presentation slides in a series of mini-sprints.
  • Process and procedures document nearly complete.
  • Summary and slides in rough draft state.

Other News

  • Rose Pruyne and Nick Rossi presented on User Stories at the Penn State Web Conference on June 22.

  • Save the Date was announced for the Penn State Project Management Conference. Madelyn Wagner serves as a member of the conference steering committee.
  • The PMO is in the process of migrating high-level project documentation and reporting to ServiceNow.
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