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  • 2015.04 SaS Project Management Office Update, April 2015
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Scrum and Related Activities

  • Scrum team has streamlined the sprint process, thereby reducing the number of meetings for Scrum Masters and DevOps, and making information more transparent across our different products. 
  • Sprint 13 concluded.


SaS Project Management Office Setup

  • Project is completed and closed.

VMHosting 2.0

  • Service Business Case is completed. SLA and SDP nearing completion.
  • Work has begun on web presence.
  • Data Recovery/Business Continuity testing is complete; awaiting final quotes from vendors.
  • New Phase 1 target date: July 1.
  • Self-Service Portal
        New production server built
        UI nearing completion 
  • Development of Quick Start Guide (Phase 1 training materials) underway.


ITS Professional Development Strategy

  • Business Case complete and approved.

  • Objectives and Deliverables documented.
  • Documentation of Scope and WBS underway.

Software Licensing Repository Standup

  • The team has made significant progress defining processes and roles for this new service.
  • We are still in the process of vendor negotiations.

SaS Web Strategy

  •  Recommendations sent to the sponsor on 4/27.

  • Awaiting approval to start phase 2 of implementation.

Azure & AWS Pilots

  • The team has defined testing needs and we are in the process of setting up a process to manage the testing.
  • Microsoft has granted PSU a 90 day trial account.  We are planning to begin testing in mid-May, once the click thru agreement has been approved by Risk Management.
  • In an effort to define an overall cloud strategy, the scope of this project has been expanded to include mirrored tests in both AWS and Azure.


  • This project will be completed in May.

  • License sales are underway, and service catalog material ares under final edits.

Solutions Architects

  •  The team has continued to make progress on defining best practices, time tracking mechanisms, and drafting white papers.

O365 Yammer Migration

  •  One final bug (which Microsoft must resolve) remains before this project is closed out.


Hydra Sprint

  • The Hydra sprint is support planning of multi-university coding effort to update the underlying code base supporting ScholarSphere
  • Worked with SaS Development participated in Sprint Planning session 
  • Help facilitate story point actives 

Data Center Strategy

  • Members of SaS collaborated with the Data Center team to pull together a menu of proposed services for the Data Centers.

Other News

  • We have a new project manager! Welcome, Madelyn Wagner!

  • Several members of the PMO team participated in the April 28-May 1 PMP Bootcamp.

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