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  • 2015.03 SaS Project Management Office Update, March 2015
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Scrum and Related Activities

  • Sprint 10 for Shared/ITS/Outreach Incident and Change Management concluded: 11 story points of work completed. 
  • Sprint 11 underway. 
  • Leading backlog sessions with Outreach to identify, prioritize, identify acceptance criteria and effort estimates for Outreach's stories. Earmarked stories for upcoming sprints.
  • This way to see Sprint Reports.
  • Identified and provided acceptance criteria for about 20 user stories for Project Management module in ServiceNow.


SaS Project Management Office Setup

  • Project has concluded and will be officially closed in early April.

VMHosting 2.0

  • Migration to new Compute platform completed.
  • Identification of long-term service goals and critical success factors completed. This information now informing marketing and communications efforts.
  • Service Design Package (SDP) nearing completion.

ITS Professional Development Strategy

  • Business Case revised with feedback from Kevin Morooney, Jen Montminy, Chris Lucas, et. al.

  • Deb and Susan have identified the project team.
  • Next work session will be on April 17; will document team roles and begin tasking out project work.

Software Licensing Repository Standup

  • Recommendations for a preferred vendor have been submitted to the Procurement Services office, and vendor negotiations are underway.
  • Once a contract is finalized, we can begin to design related training, communications, and targeted support channels.
  • Service design elements and workflows are well underway.

SaS Web Strategy

  • The team is in the process of combing through existing SaS webpages (thanks to the input by all of SaS), and making recommendations as to which should be archived or migrated.
  • Next step will be to review recommendations with SaS leadership.
  • Ultimately this group will build a website strategy that will provide analytics and a shared look-and-feel across SaS' web presence

 Azure Pilot

  • The Azure pilot has officially kicked off!
  • The team spans members from ITS (AIS, CLC, IdS, SaS), OPP, IST, and HFS in this collaborative effort.
  • Microsoft completed a demonstration for the team and the PSU team has decided three genres for use cases.
  • The three sub-teams will meet during the first week of April to define the specifics of their testing goals.


  • The team is in the final stages of the project, and preparing to go live.

  • Processes and workflows have been defined and approved.
  • Technology framework is ready to go live.
  • Final procurement efforts are underway.

Solutions Architects

  • The team has completed additional ITIL training.
  • The team is in the midst of drafting numerous articles, including SaS successes and strategy components as they move forward.

O365 Yammer Migration

  • The migration was a success, commencing over Spring Break.
  • There are a couple of items that must be clarified before the project is offically closed out; we're pending Microsoft's feedback on some information within the O365 Admin Portal.


  • At BRM Information Collection stage. Will initiate project once this stage is complete.

Consulting and Other Activities

  • Search to fill Project Manager Level 2 position nearing its conclusion.
  • Consulted with ArchiveSphere Product Owner on authoring a collection of about 50 User Stories and Functional Stories in preparation for Version 2.0 of this system.
  • The PMO participated on the Service Delivery vacancy interview panel.
  • The PMO continues to be engaged in several workflow groups, including CSI, Retiring Services, and the Business Case.
  • We're finalizing the PPM format and related reporting.  Look forward to seeing an official dashboard report next month!
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