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  • 2015.02 SaS Project Management Office Update, February 2015
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Scrum Activities

The ITS/Outreach/Shared Incident and Change Management Scrum Team and those in the Product Owner role participated in an Iteration Zero session, in which we prioritized the work backlog, identified acceptance criteria for stories, eliminated non-relevant stories, identified and estimated effort on stories for Sprint 10, to take place in early March.


SaS Project Management Office Setup

  • The team has completed two more 2-week work iterations.  The project has been jump started with a new approach, and working sessions are dedicated to the team drafting user stories that the PMO team will later self-assign and conquer.  
  • The Project Portfolio draft has been shared with SLT and dashboard reporting has been developed.  Next steps will be to ensure that the Portfolio is routinely updated by designated staff.

VMHosting 2.0

  • Compute work is completed.
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: Have received software licenses from EMC, and EMC equipment is starting to arrive for the PoC.
  • Team has begun working with the IT Service Desk on integrating level-1 support and onboarding support with ServiceNow. 
  • Creation of the Service Design Package (SDP) is well underway.
  • Much work done on Self-Service Portal. See this YouTube video:
  • Plans underway for developing a Quick Start Guide for the Self-Service Portal.
  • The Phase-1 target date is May 13. Spring Term's classes and finals, as well as ours and the Data Center's move, will be concluded prior to this date, which removes many blockers and risks.
  • Identifying high-level goals and critical success factors for the service moving forward. This will inform marketing and communications efforts, service-level documentation, and future project phases.

ITS Professional Development Strategy

  • Project Vision completed.
  • Draft 2 of Business Case completed and shared with ITS leadership.

Software Licensing Repository Standup

  • We had a couple of hiccups around how the solution will be managed.  Final kinks are being worked out and we hope to announce a contract award and a high-level implementation plan soon.
  • The technology team has focused efforts around the completion of a workflow and processes documentation as well as a Business Case.
  • Next step will be to include the ITLC to gather their feedback on our proprosed roles and processes, and to also help to identify a pilot group.


  • The team has nearly completed several key documents including the Service Design Package, FAQs, Architectural Diagrams, and the Service Catalog entry.  

  • Commitment letters will be going out to the interested Splunk community after approval is obtained from General Counsel.

  • The Service Desk will be going through training later this month and have established service support tiers.
  • The team hopes to be up and running by the end of March

Solutions Architects

  • The team has been once again immersed in ITIL training this month, as well as engaging in Educause conference calls.
  • Members of the team are in the process of drafting key documents establishing how their service will work.

O365 Yammer Migration

  • The team, made up of folks from SaS, IDS, TLT, SOS, and Microsoft) will be completing the migration on Monday, March 9.
  • This was a fast-paced project, and the efforts of the team are greatly appreciated!

Consulting and Other Activities

  • The PMO was successful bringing a PMP Bootcamp on-site to help project managers across PSU study for, and attain, the PMP certification.  The training will be held the last week of April.
  • Members of the PMO team continued to participate in the following ITSM Workflow SubGroups:

    • Business Case/Financial Model  
    • Change Management
    • Continual Service Improvement
    • Service Retirement
  • Rose Pruyne delivered a webinar on collecting and unfolding requirements with user stories to participants around the U.S.
  • We are in the process of interviewing potential new Project Manager.  Wish us luck!
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