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  • 2015.01 SaS Project Management Office Update, January 2015
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Scrum Activities

Rose Pruyne has joined the ITX Scrum Team. She is serving as Scrum Master for ITS sprints and is working with the Scrum team to document the ITX Scrum workflow, duties, and instructions/resources. Rose and Nigel McFarland delivered a 2-hour workshop for ITX Product Owners on writing Agile user stories, documenting acceptance criteria, and Product Owner roles and responsibilities.


SaS Project Management Office Setup: First 100 Days

  • The team has completed their third two-week work iteration.  Work is underway in the following areas: Capacity/resource management, project status and portfolio reporting, project prioritization and balancing the portfolio, customer engagement, KPIs, and developing a service charter.
  • We have a working Project Portfolio draft; dashboard reporting will soon be incorporated.

VMHosting 2.0

  • The team collaborated on updating our objectives and deliverables and documented the deliverables now in place.
  • On January 29, the team celebrated our completed deliverables, team contributions, and what we have learned along the way.
  • The team estimated time and effort on each remaining tasks during the January 29 Review and Planning Session. These estimates will be used to develop a timeline and target date for Phase 1. 
  • Members of the team are developing a plan for collecting and documenting a fresh set of high-level goals and critical success factors for Phase 1 and beyond. This will inform communications and marketing efforts and inform prioritization of project work going forward.

Software Licensing Repository Standup

  • The team has completed testing the tools that were submitted for consideration, and plan to make a recommendation to Purchasing on whom to move forward with.  Check back next week to see who the selected tool is!
  • The team broke into two smaller sub-teams to better focus on Strategy and Technology.  Both teams are in the midst of estimating time and effort on the identified tasks.
  • The technology team is currently focusing on utilizing systems such as TEM and KACE with the selected tool and deciding where the tool will be hosted.
  • The strategy team is drafting a document that details the goals, processes, and functions of the Service to share with the ITLC in March.


  • The team is working to complete the Service Design Package.

  • Also, usage and corresponding cost estimates are being calculated; soon commitment letters will be going out to the interested Splunk community.
  • The Service Desk is preparing to train their team, while the technology lead is putting the finishing touches on associated documentation.
  • The team hopes to be up and running by the end of February.

Solutions Architects

  • The team has been immersed in ITIL training this month, as well as engaging in Educause conference calls.
  • Members of the team are in the process of drafting their Architectural Strategy Guiding Principles.

O365 Yammer Migration

  • The team, made up of folks from SaS, IDS, TLT, SOS, and Microsoft) has hit the ground running in this fast-paced project.
  • The team is learning how to migrate our current Yammer instance to the O365 umbrella without interrupting service or changing how we manage the service.  
  • We have requested an extension to June to complete the work, but we're prepared to complete the work in March if the request is denied.

Consulting and Other Activities

  • Erin collaborated with members of the EMSAS team on project management templates. 

  • The PMO is working on bringing a PMP Bootcamp on-site to help project managers across PSU study for, and attain, the PMP certification.
  • Members of the PMO team continued to participate in the following ITSM Workflow SubGroups:

    • Business Case/Financial Model
    • Project Package
    • Change Management
    • Continual Service Improvement



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