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  • 2014.12: SaS Project Management Office Update, December 2014
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SaS Project Management Office Setup: First 100 Days

The team completed its first 2-week work iteration on December 19 and will have it's review/planning session for Iteration 2 on January 6. Work is underway in the following areas: Capacity/resource management, project status and portfolio reporting, project prioritization and balancing the portfolio, customer engagement, KPIs, and developing a service charter. 

VMHosting 2.0

The team is completing a mid-way project evaluation to capture what's going well in our processes, along with opportunities for improvement. Beginning early in January, we will revisit the work backlog and identify a target date for realizing Phase 1: Implement New Service on New Hardware. We also will make some improvements to task tracking and reporting. A few of our successes to date:
  • New storage implemented
  • Self-Service Portal: Significant improvements to customer experience (UI/UX).
  • Excellent communications to customers and customer engagement–and feedback from customers verifying this

Software Licensing Repository Standup

The team completed our User Focus Groups and collected great information from the community.  We've selected our preferred tool for the repository, and are launching a 30-day trial to ensure that it's capabilities match our needs.  If all goes well, Purchasing will work with the vendor to finalize terms and conditions and we will continue working toward our June 30th pilot launch date.  Next steps include:

  • Working with the ITLC to define critical roles
  • Defining and documenting all operational roles
  • Developing user guides, policies, and procedures


The Splunk team has made great progress toward project completion.  The team is in the midst of gathering user interest, which will help to ensure that an effective cost-recovery model is created.  We will continue working toward documenting procedures, operational roles, and fulfilling all technical aspects.

Solutions Architects

The team has completed the planning phase of the project.  We have identified the work to be tackled in January, which largely focuses on engagement, outreach, and building on ITIL expertise.  Thank you for all who participated in our planning sessions!

Microsoft 0365 Tenant Transfer

Thanks to the hard work of the team, the tenant transfer has been completed!

Consulting and Other Activities

Rose Pruyne will deliver a workshop on User Stories to the Hydra community in late January/early February.

Members of the PMO team are participating in the following ITSM Workflow SubGroups:

  • Business Case/Financial Model
  • Project Package
  • Change Management
  • Continual Service Improvement

The PMO Team participated in the first of a series of virtual information-sharing sessions with the Project Management Office of the University of Edinburgh.  This very mature PMO has been in business for 15 years.

Mark Linton and Rose Pruyne led the IT Project Management Working Group in its annual retrospective to identify new topics and processes for 2015.

Kelly Peterman, formerly of our team, has accepted a position at New Pig. Her last day was December 12.

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