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  • Who knows what our first mascot was?
  • Timeline Questions

         ·    Find different sports on the timeline How many action shots are on the timeline?

         ·    Which sports are only played outdoors?

         ·     How many indoor sports are shown on the timeline?

         ·     How many coaches are on the timeline?

  • Looking at the picture mural, can you describe some of the differences between sports from the past to today?
  • Who sculpted the Lion Shrine?

        -Heinz Warneke

  • How many sports is the Nittany Lion ready to play? (What is he wearing?)
  • Can you name all the men’s and women’s events?
  • What three indoor sports are not being played?

        -bowling, boxing, rifle

  • Are there any similarities between gymnastics, fencing, wrestling, and shooting?

        - They are all individual sports whose scores count towards the teams total scores

  • How many Lions do we have?
  • Can you tell me which sport has earned the most national championships?
  • What sport requires a ball as part of the game?
  • What does PSC stand for?
  • What are the first 4 men’s sports?
  • What are the first 4 women’s sports?
  • What was the band called before the blue band?

        -Cadet bugle Band

  • Can you name some of the different instruments used by the Blue Band?
  • Can anyone explain why practice is important for winning and competing?


  •  Who is the winningest coach in college football?

          -  Joe Pa

  •  What are the chances of that record being broken in our lifetime?

          - None. No present coach is even close to Paterno since Bobby Bowden retired

  •  How many PSU football players won the Heisman

          - Only one

  •  Can you name a bowl PSU has played in and won?
  •  Can you find a bowl trophy?
  •  What is football’s nickname?
  •  Do you know what our first colors were?
  •  How many games did PSU go undefeated under Coach Bill Jeffrey?
  •  What is the Grand Experiment?
  •  How many PSU in Pro Hall of Fame?

         -5, Jack Ham (PSU 1968- 1970), Lennie Moore (PSU 1953-55), Franco Harris (PSU 1969-71),

          August Michalske (PSU 1923-25), Mike Munchak (PSU 1979-81) 

  •  What was Penn State’s first bowl game?
  •  When did PSU join the Big Ten and when were we Big Ten champion?


  • What year was men’s soccer started at PSU?
  • What year was women’s soccer started at PSU?
  • How many years gap between the two sports?
  • How many national championships for the men?  -2
  • How many consecutive Big Ten championships for women’s?
  • What shapes can you find on the soccer field?
  •  Why the soccer field is called Jeffery?
  •  Brother who played soccer and in NFL?

         -Matt and Chris Bahr

  •  When was the men’s team started vs. women’s? Number of championships?

         -women 8 straight titles

Field Hockey

  •  How many Penn Stater field hockey teams played in the Olympics?  -3
  •  What does a Sweeper do in field hockey?

         - Roams behind defense picks up al through passes

  •  How many national championships?

         -2 in 1980 and 1981

  •  Which side of the stick do you hit with?


  • Where is field hockey played? Indoors or outdoors? Turf or grass?
  •  Is there a difference between what girl lacrosse players wear and what boy lacrosse players wear?
  •   Who was the men’s lacrosse coach? Whose son went on to coach at PSU?

          -Nick Thiel, Glenn Thiel

  •  Who know where the sport of lacrosse originated?

          -American Indian war games

  •  3 differences between men and women?
  •  First played?

         -Men in 1913 women in 1965


  •  What was the first PSU sport on campus?


  • Can you name the different baseball positions?
  •  Where does the PSU baseball team play home game?

          -Medlar field and Lubraho park

  •  Who was the only PSU baseball player inducted in the Hall of Fame?

         -Monte Ward- developed the curve ball

  •  What baseball player lettered in 3 sports?

          -Tom Daley (Basketball, Tennis, 1969)

  •  Who is Montgomery Ward?
  •  How many PSU won World Series?

         -Hinkey Haines 1923, Nate Bump


  • Why did the color of the softball change from white?
  •  Who is the present coach of the PSU softball team?

         -Robin Petrini

  •  What are some of the differences between softball and baseball?

         -men vs. women, size of ball and field

  •  What is new and exciting about PSU softball?

         -new field under construction

  •  Differences/changes from baseball?

           -small play=big offense

  •  How do softball pitchers pitch?

          - Underhand


  •  Where do the men’s and women’s x-country teams compete @ state college?

          -Penn State Blue/White Golf Course

  •  How many of you are aware of where the men’s and women’s golf team compete?

         -PSU blue and white course

  •  Why is it difficult for PSU golf teams to compete for national championships?

         -seasonal weather

  •   Par? Birdie? Eagle?
  •  Only PSU players to play in U.S. Open?

            -Jason Tyska 1999

  •  How many undefeated seasons did Mr. Golf PSU to?


  • Can you find something unusual with this picture? (Dot Anderson-1935)
  • What is unusual about it?
  • How many tennis teams do you know?
  •  How many of you know the scoring rules of tennis?

         -(Explain scoring)

  •  What year did PSU Sarni tennis center open?

         -1999 this enabled PSU to host major championships

  •  Dorothy Anderson -1935?
  •  Court evolution? How has it changed and changed the game?
  •  Who was Jan Bortner’s rival?

         - Maryland Star John Lunas 1970s


  • What is the difference between track and cross country?
  • Looking at the images of track and field how many different events can you identify?
    • How many different kind of jumps are shown?
    • How many events can you find?
    • How many kinds of jumps can you find?
  •  What sport has PSU contributed the most Olympic athletes?

         -track and field 42 athletes

  • How many Olympic medals did PSU track and field athletes win?

        -3/ 1-gold, 1-silver, 1-bronze

  •  Most Olympians, most events

          - 42 Olympians

  •  Only Olympic gold medalists?

         -Horace Ashenfelter in 1952 Helsinki

  • What is the Broderick Award and who was the first winner?
  •  How many Broderick awards did Kathy Mills win?  - 4      
  •  What was Barney Ewell’s nickname?

         -Lancaster Flash

  •  Who was an outstanding track athlete and NFL football player?

         -Rosey Greir

  •  What’s the difference between sprinters and distance runners?

         -Distance 800m +


  • Why do you think shooters wear such heavy coats?
  • Why do you think shooters fire between heartbeats?
  •  First women’s sport? -1926
  •  Types of events? Based on positions: prone, standing, kneeling, firing
  • Number of portiere? -4
  •  How many points did shooters win for after WWII? - 300


  • What do the legs of the pummel horse remind you of?
  • Does anyone know which events make up a gymnastics meet?
  •  Who was the first woman to receive a full scholarship at PSU?

          -Ann Carr

  •  How long Wettstone coached?   -1938-76
  • Different similarities with men’s and women’s?
  • Number of events?


  • What equipment can swimmers use?
  •  What did non-scholarship swimmers have to wear?

         -  wool bathing suits

  •  How many strokes?  - 4
  •  What are the difference storkes? (Demonstrate!)


  •  Who was “too” afraid of heights yet went on to be a 2 time Olympic diver?

          -   Marry Ellen Clark

  •  What are the 4 positions you would start for a dive?
  •  The bigger the better?

         - With minimum splash

  •  How high is 10 m platform?

         -3 storeys


  • Ask kids if they have ever been bowling?
  • What shapes could you find while bowling?
  •  Don Ferrell distinction- first black head coach
  •  Terms- sleeper, turkey, kingpin


  • What equipment is needed to play volleyball?

         -Ball, net, tape (for fingers), knee pads, sneakers

  •  Who is the most significant PSU sports team on the national scene?

          -women volleyball 3x national championships

  •  What do you do with volleyball?

          -set, spike, dig, serve

  •  First non-Cal school to win national championship in 1994
  •  Second team to win both NCAA volleyball national titles (07-08)
  •  1994 first school outside Cali to win title


  • Has anyone ever attended a basketball game here at PennState?
  • How big should you hands be to grip a basketball?
  • Why do you think shot patterns spin?
  • Where men’s basketball was first played? Armory
  • Who is the most celebrated women’s basketball player?

        - Suzie McConnell

  •  Susie McConnell- small can be big : 5’6” won Francis Pomlroy Naismith Award vs. Calvin Booth at 7 + size 22 shoes
  • When were the Lady Lions in the Final Four?  -   April 2, 2000
  •  Who is the men’s and women’s all-time scoring leader?

         -  Kelly Mazzante

  •  Who is the present PSU women basketball coach?

          -Coquese Washington

  •  Who was the first PSU superstar in Lady Lion basketball?

          -Suzie McConnell

  •  What significant basketball championship did the men’s team win?

          -2009 NIT-BEAT Baylor 69-63

  •  What is the most significant difference between men’s +women basketball?

          -the size of the ball

  •  What coach pushed man-to-man defense?

         -John Bach

  •  How can you earn points in basketball?


  • Has anyone ever been to a boxing or wrestling match? What are your impressions?
  • Why did people dress up for boxing matches?
  • Why weren’t many women at boxing matches?
  •  Which discontinued sport won many national championships?


  •  Only boxer to hold World Championship?

         -Billy Soose

  •   Most popular sport in 30s and 40s – hosted and won first NCAA title ->Soose won all 16 fights by KO and

          won World Middleweight

  •  In boxing what is a southpaw?

         -right foot forward leading with your right


  •  First national championship?


  •  In what indoor sport did we win the first national champion?


  •  Different styles?
  •  What are some ways to earn points in wrestling?

         -time advantage-1: riding time over a minute in the offensive position

         -near fall / takedown -2-3/reversal -2 /escape-2


  •  Saber? Epee? Foil?
  •  Which fencing sword has no rules for who may attack?

          -Epee and 5 touches

  •  Consecutive national championships- 1995-2000
  •  What is the most successful PSU sport to win national championships in present times?


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