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  •  Practices and competitions were held in the White Building.
  •  Rifle grew out of the Student Army training program during WW1
  •  Men and Women competed together for many years in postal and telegraphic matches against the best collegiate teams in

         the country.

  •  In rifle, you are required to relax, focus, and fire between heartbeats
  •  In 1915 the men’s team was coached by ROTC officers

         o   Rifle gained varsity status in 1922

  •  In 1925 women’s rifle is named an intercollegiate minor sport
  •  In 1951 rifle was temporarily discontinued.
  •  Richard Gogolklewicz – has the highest record for total points scored in a single season in 1962

        o   He averaged .278 in 1963

  •  Tight jackets and arm braces help to steady shooters when firing.
  •  Early rifle teams grew out of Student Army Training programs in 1917
  •  PSU claimed nations largest rifle club membership.
  •  Early shooters competed in prone, standing, kneeling, and sitting positions
  •  In 1927 Captain Don Frear led the lions to Appalachian league title with a 391/400pt score.
  •  Rifle is the 1st women’s sport beginning in 1926

         o   Women’s teams would shoot in different ranges at different locations and share the results by telegraph or mail.

         o   In 1947, the team’s 125 members won a national intercollegiate telegraphic matches.

  •  In 1942 5 shooters qualified for the US War Dept. intercollegiate team (16-4 season).
  •  Jeannett Ritter – shot 100 (perfect) in 1928
  •  Shooters aimed at Targets 50ft away
  •  Using smallbore free rifle, a shooter took 10 shots each in standing, kneeling, and prone positions, firing about 1 shot per minute.

         o   Bulls-eyes are worth 10pts

         o   Farther from the center earned less

         o   Quality shooters score 270/300

  •  Shooters practice self-control and extreme concentration.

         o   They must relax their body, hold their breath, and slow down their heart rate

         o   They wear shooting jackets to support the weight of the guns

         o   Targets are 50ft away, so the slightest movements matter.

  •  Coach Virginia Harpster coached the first women’s team when it became a varsity sport.
  •  Glenn Dubis became an All-American in 1979

         o   Competed in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics.

  •  After WW2, riflers aimed for maximum 300 scores
  •  After 1963 Mary Stohr won PA women’s position championship for target shooting.
  •  In the 1970’s men and women competed together.
  •  Sherri Landis: scored consistent 270+ scores from 1973-1976
  •  Women’s Winchester 521 rifle with sling and shooting sight was loaned to the university for competitions from the military.

        o   Remington 22 Long Rifle Match Master was used by women in the 1950s and 1960s.

  • Men's and Women's Rifle was discontinued in 1982
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