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  • Film: Tradition of Athletics at Penn State University
  • Miscellaneous photos of student athletes competing, student athletes studying, campus buildings, etc. Timeline 

o   Began in 1926

o   In 1952 fencing was discontinued for 10 years.

o   In 1964 Dorothy Moody and Barbara Hoepner coached the 1st women’s team.

o   Won 15 national championships; 3 women’s championships, 1 men’s championships, 11 joint men/women’s team championships.


o   Began in 1887 under captain George Lucy Linsz and Charlie Hildebrand

     -  Won 2 national championships


o   Began in 1911-  Penn State trustee James G. White helps organize the first team

o   Won 11 national championships

o   In 1994 Patrick Farmer coached the 1st women’s soccer team


o   Began in 1919 under coach Dick Harlow

o   Team won 5 national championships

o   Was discontinued in 1954

Track & Field

o   Established in 1892

o   Women’s teams established in 1974


o   1976 – women’s

o   1977 – men’s

o   7national championships, 2 for men and 5 for women


o   Men's begins in 1931 under John Rannacher

     -  12 national championships

o   Women’s gymnastics begins in 1964 under Lucille Magnusson & Della Durant

     -  2 national championships


o   Began in 1965 under coach Pat McTarsney


o   Began in 1875


o   Men's Lacrosse began in 1913 under captain (transfer student) Walter Farbay

o   Women’s lacrosse began in 1965 under Margaret Fringer

     -  Women win 5 national championships


o   Began in 1921 under coach Pop Rutherford

o   Women’s golf began in 1965 under Mimi Ryan


o   Began in 1897 under team captain Malcolm Stevenson

o   Women’s basketball began in 1965 under Marie Litner

Cross Country

o   Men's began in 1912 under coach Pop Rutherford

     -  Men’s team has won 3 national championships

o   Women’s team began in 1974 under Chris Brooks


o   Began in 1911 under team captain David Lloyd

o   Women’s team began in 1965 under Ann Valentine


o   Began in 1936 under Robert Galbraith

o   In 1951 the sport was discontinued

o   Sport returns in 1968 under Lou MacNeil, and the women’s team begins under Ellen Perry


o   Begins in 1922

o   Evolves from the WWI student army training corps

o   Women begin intercollegiate competition in 1925

o   Rifle was temporarily discontinued in 1951

o   Rifle returns in 1959

o   Women’s team becomes official in 1964

Field Hockey

o   Women’s sport begins in 1964

o   2 national championships


o   Begins in 1909 under William E. “Doc” Lewis

o   2 national championships


o   Women’s team begins in 1968 under Coach Mimi Ryan

     -   1 national championship

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