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This is the home of the PSY 532 Psychological Foundations of Leadership Wiki.

Purpose of the Wiki

In this wiki space, students will contribute to wiki pages that explain and demonstrate the theories of leadership. (See the sidebar.) Whereas the Theory Pages are encyclopedia entries designed to be continually edited by different students over time, the Case Pages represent the permanent contributions of specific student teams. These wiki pages are a useful resource for students of this course as well as the world at large. Students can track their contributions and use their authorship as proof of their mastery of not only the ideas of the wiki but also the critical-thinking skills and teamwork abilities necessary for graduate school and employment.

Getting Started

If you are new to Penn State WikiSpaces or need a refresher, please go to the PSY 532 Technical Requirements Page and watch the Confluence videos. Then visit this wiki's Sandbox Page and practice editing a page. (See the sidebar.)

When you are ready, begin editing the Theory Page and Case Page corresponding to your assigned theory. Both pages have already been created for you. (See the sidebar.) To reveal your Case Page, click the arrow next to the Theory Page. The Theory Page may already have content, but your Case Page should initially be blank.

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