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.01 General
  1. Design shall follow PSU AD64 Energy Conservation Policy.

The design and commissioning shall follow the Pennsylvania State University Lighting Design & Commissioning Matrix. Areas not specifically addressed in the matrix shall be coordinated with PSU Engineering Services Electrical Group.

.02 Lighting Survey

Provide an interior or exterior lighting survey where environmental changes or luminaire changes significantly alter the lit environment.  Significant changes include: 

  1. Exterior: Rerouting of pedestrian or vehicular traffic such as new/altered sidewalks, midblock crossings, streets.
  2. Exterior: Addition of light-blocking environmental changes such as structures and landscape.
  3. Interior and Exterior: Emergency luminaires added, removed or altered as part of both new construction and renovation. (A lamp replacement of same wattage and lamp source does not warrant a Lighting Survey).

 A Lighting Survey may not be necessary where the environmental change includes a new lighting design as part of the project. In this case, photometric calculations may be sufficient.

 Perform the lighting survey with NIST-calibrated illuminance meter, calibrated within 1-year. Submit legible report with brief narrative, including illuminance survey results, and documentation of meter calibration. Elements of the lighting survey shall include: documentation of existing illuminance levels on plan; summary of statistics such as illumination averages, maximums, minimums and uniformity ratios; comparison of measurements with IES recommendations and/or code requirements. 

 Confirm specific lighting survey requirements for the project with Engineering Services Electrical Group. 

 .03 Historical Luminaires

 Coordinate applications with Engineering Services Electrical Group and University Architect. In general, historic architecture – particularly those landmarks with original luminaires – require the luminaires to maintain the existing or original character of the design. The historical luminaires may be converted to LED and restored by a qualified historic lighting restoration manufacturer, as discussed with Engineering Services Electrical Group and the University Architect. 

DocumentVersion DateDescription
Pennsylvania State University Lighting & Design Commissioning MatrixApril 2020University's required interior and exterior lighting control standards; to be used by the Design Professional

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