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.01 General
  1. Transfer switch shall be similar to ASCO 4000 series or ASCO 7000 series.  Discuss the following options with Engineering Services: 
    1. Overlapping neutrals on systems with ground fault protection
    2. Closed transition (for generator systems only)
    3. Paralleling (for large generator systems only)
    4. Delayed transition
    5. Bypass Isolation (for building standby loads requiring maintenance without interruption, not typical for Emergency or Elevator ATS's)
  2.  Transfer switch Controller shall have native phase rotation check and data-logging capability.
  3. ATS shall be provide with integral power meter, Power Logic series by Schneider Electric.

.02 Guide Specifications
  1. Design Professional shall carefully review and edit the guideline specifications below, adapting them as needed to achieve application-specific, fully developed specifications for each project.
  2. These shall be edited using the process described in the instructions contained at the beginning of the document.  Proposed modifications shall be reviewed with OPP Engineering Services.
  3. Finalized version shall be included in the project contract documents.  Use of other specifications is not acceptable.
DocumentVersion DateDescription
Transfer Switches Guide Specification263600 FL - TRANSFER SWITCHES-GUIDE SPECIFICATION-Rev4-1.docJune 2020University's guide specification for Transfer Switches to be used by the design professional
Transfer Switches Datasheet.docxJune 2016Typical University Transfer Switches Datasheet for the Professional use.  The datasheet instructions are found in the guide specification and sample is found in Division 26 00 00 

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