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26 35 33 Power Factor Correction Equipment

.01 General
  1. Building power factor shall be, at minimum, 0.95 lagging.  Provide central dynamic PF correction at each normal power service entrance as a deduct alternate (estimate the amount of capacitance required and dedicate floor space in the main electrical room). 
  2. For main-tie-main systems, provide separate dynamic PF correction at each end, each not less than 0.95 lagging when feeding each side of the gear separately.  Specify a second set of CT’s, one (1) on each side of the tie breaker, connected in parallel with the CT on it’s side of the main.  Each “tie” CT must be wired in reverse polarity to the main so that the system works properly with the tie closed. 
  3. Final capacitor selection shall occur within 6 months after building occupancy and shall be based upon actual field measurements at that time.
  4. Coordinate sizing with Engineering Services. 

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