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26 27 13 Electricity Metering

.01 General
  1. Provide and install provisions for digital meter within isolated compartment integral to the service entrance equipment.  Compartment shall include CT’s on a shorting block and voltage connection brought to a fuse block with disconnect (mount CT’s and voltage connection ahead of the main).  PSU Utilities will install service metering. Compartment shall accept a Square D circuit monitor style meter.  Provide data connection from the metering location back to the nearest data closet containing a FAS network switch.
    1. Sub-meters - When approved, sub-meter location(s) shall have provisions to match those above and shall be co-located within an isolated compartment integral to the service entrance equipment.  Provide communication interconnection back to the service entrance meter.  Confirm type of meter provisions required with Engineering Services Electrical Group.
    2. Distribution panels, and other equipment that does not have space for an integral meter compartment shall incorporate a standalone meter cabinet, Hoffman #A1412CHFL (14”x12”x6”) or similar.  Provide provisions for PSU meter per paragraph A1.

26 27 26 Wiring Devices

.01 General
  1. Receptacles
    1. Receptacles shall be rated 20A, specification grade.  Install with ground pin up or left.
    2. All requirements for special receptacles shall be discussed with Engineering Services Electrical Group.
    3. Receptacles shall be provided at least every 50 feet, in all corridor areas, for operation of floor care equipment.
    4. Class 1 Critical Research – provide dedicated twist-lock receptacle on “Standby” (NEC 702 optional standby systems) system power.  Provide equipment with a twist-lock cord and cap assembly including an engraved brass tag (consult with Engineering Services for labeling).  Engrave outlet cover to read “Class 1 Standby Power” and the panel/circuit feeding the load.  Any load with this designation must be reviewed and approved by Engineering Services.
    5. Lab receptacles – utilize stainless steel cover plate and require engraved nameplate with panel and circuit number feeding outlet.  Color code per below.
    6. Flat screen TV - Use a 2-gang recessed combination receptacle and CATV outlet similar to the Arlington Industries indoor “in-box”, Leviton “recessed entertainment box”, or approved equal.
    7. Refer to 26 05 53 - Identification for Electrical Systems for further labeling requirements.
  2. Switches
    1. Local wall switches shall be heavy duty, specification grade, quiet operating rocker or toggle type, 20A, 120/277V.
    2. Require labeling of switch cover plate for three (3) or more devices ganged together.
  3. Floor Service Outlet Boxes and Poke-throughs
    1. Any floor box, poke-through, or similar floor service outlet shall be provided with GFI Protection via outlet or circuit breaker.
    2.  Review with Engineering Services Electrical group the requirement for faces oriented perpendicular to walking surface (vertical or angled at 45°). Devices mounted with the outlet face flush and parallel to floor shall not be permitted. This is to prevent ingress of water.
      1. PSU has incurred damages from floor service outlets in academic areas due to slush and water dripping off boots into electrical outlets and causing fires. Use of floor service outlets should be minimized as much as possible.
      2. Where poke-throughs are desired for application, quantities should be minimized and specifiedas furniture-feed styleto the fullest extent practicable.
  4. Color Coding:
    1. Cover Plates - match normal power device color, unless otherwise approved.  Stainless steel for labs and similar spaces.
    2. Normal Power Device - white, almond, or ivory; as selected by the consultant.
    3. Emergency Power Device - Red
    4. Standby Power Device - Blue
    5. UPS/Clean Power Device - Gray.  Require engraved nameplate in BLACK or BLUE background depending whether fed by Normal or Standby source.
    6. SPD Receptacle - Standard device with Blue cover, label "SURGE PROTECTED".
    7. Isolated-Ground Receptacle - Orange, label cover "ISOLATED GROUND".
    8. Other Type - as approved.

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