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.01 General
  1. Refer to Service Entrance Equipment in 26 20 00 for additional requirements.
  2. Circuit breakers for lab facilities or of capacity 1,600 amperes and greater (and as required by Engineering Services for maintenance purposes) shall be of the metal enclosed low voltage power circuit breaker type, draw-out, with "Engaged," "Test", and "Disengaged" positions, to meet UL1066 mounted in switchgear to meet ANSI C37/UL1558.  Racking shall be accomplished with cell door closed and latched.  Each breaker cell shall be completely separated from adjacent cells.  Provide each cell with protective shutter for personnel protection when breaker is racked out.  Provide pad-locking provisions for all cubicles, including spaces.  Primary contacts shall be field replaceable.  Breakers shall have visual trip indicators.  Coordinate feeder breaker types with Engineering Services.
  3. Provide vertical barrier between adjacent upright sections to prevent arc event from traveling through the rear of the lineup.
  4. Low voltage switchgear shall not be preassembled and constructed on a prefabricated skid. Low voltage switchgear shall be shipped and assembled on site.
  5. Provide the following for any electrical equipment with draw-out breakers:
    1. Overhead-circuit-breaker lifting device, track mounted, at top front of the gear.
    2. Storage cabinet, with padlock and hasp, for storing equipment and breakers.  Unit shall be 60”H x 24”D x 36”W, capable of 900lb/shelf built by Durham, Lyon, Stronghold, or approved equal.
    3. Floor mount rolling hydraulic foot-pump platform lift, Beech Engineering (Division of Miller Products Inc.) Model PS-2460, or approved equal by Genie, Vestil, or Wesco.  72" overall height, rated load of 1000lbs., minimum lift height of 60", and platform measuring a minimum of 20"X20".
  6. Main-tie-main setup, when approved by Engineering Services, shall be electrically operated.  The control sequence shall allow for automatic and/or manual transfer between sources (typical set up is for open tie with automatic transfer to available source with manual re-transfer).  If provided with Kirk key interlock, include an extra “maintenance” key.  “Maintenance” key shall be provided in a pad-locked box in the main electrical room and shall be properly labeled.  Consider adding synch-check relay to allow for closed transition under engineering supervision.  Contact Engineering Services for typical "sequence of operation" document.
  7. Provide one (1) spare breaker in each frame size and at least 10% fully provisioned space capacity.
  8. Provide mimic bus on large and/or complicated equipment.  Normal power shall be in white, emergency shall be in red.
  9. Provide hinged doors, front and rear.  Rear doors shall have hasp for padlock.  Label rear doors to match the front.
  10. Padlocks, provide Best #11B772-L, with core #1C7F1-626, in quantity as follows:
    1. One (1) for each rear hinged section
    2. One (1) for each draw-out breaker cubicle and cubicle space
    3. Two (2) spare
  11. Equipment serving intensive research facilities and/or labs should be provided with 100% rated breakers. The distribution equipment upstream to the main switchboard/switchgear should also be considered for application.
    1. 100% rated breakers shall be installed on a case-by-case basis with approval from PSU Engineering Services Electrical Engineering Group.

.02 Guide Specifications
  1. Design Professional shall carefully review and edit the guideline specifications below, adapting them as needed to achieve application-specific, fully developed specifications for each project.
  2. These shall be edited using the process described in the instructions contained at the beginning of the document.  Proposed modifications shall be reviewed with OPP Engineering Services.
  3. Finalized version shall be included in the project contract documents.  Use of other specifications is not acceptable.

    DocumentVersion DateDescription
    26 23 00 Low-Voltage
    Switchgear Guide
    April 2019This guide specification is intended to provide the
    Design Professional with general OPP minimum
    requirements for Low-Voltage Switchgear.

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