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.01 General
  1. Low-loss transformers shall be designed to latest DOE standard efficiency requirements or higher for the following purposes:
    1. Delivering lowest life cycle cost according to the US Dept. of Energy
    2. Contributing to LEED Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1 (Optimize Energy Performance)

.02 Guide Specifications
  1. Design Professional shall carefully review and edit the guideline specifications below, adapting them as needed to achieve application-specific, fully developed specification for each project.
  2. These shall be edited using the process described in the instructions contained at the beginning of the document.  Proposed modifications shall be reviewed with OPP Engineering Services.
  3. Finalized version shall be included in the project contract documents.  Use of other specifications is not acceptable. 
Low-Voltage Transformer Guide Specification.docx
DocumentVersion DateDescription
June 2020University's guide specification for Low-Voltage Transformer; to be used by the design professional.

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