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  1. Chalkboards, Corkboards: Refer to Division 13 20 10 – Classroom Design.


  1. Directories should be constructed of extruded aluminum, anodized in selected finish.
  2. Include changeable letter strips slotted to receive letters. Letter strips should be approximately seven inches by one-half inch of plastic or felt-covered in selected colors. Letters and numerals shall be plastic one-quarter inch Gothic. Type of selected color shall be provided in adequate quantity to suit board size.
  3. Directories shall be surface mounted, non-illuminated, DavSon Strip Directories Style SE as manufactured by A.C. Davenport & Son Company, or an equal product.
  4. Doors or panels shall be glazed with DSB sheet glass and have suitable hardware with a tamperproof locking device.

10 14 00 SIGNAGE

DocumentVersion DateDescription
Room Numbering Standards

 November 2009

This links to the "Penn State Signage Standards Manual" site listed below. The room numbering standards has been included with the interior and exterior signage standards. The Design Professional must use this system to number spaces in new buildings, and if required to renumber spaces immediately affected by building renovation work.
Penn State Signage Standards Manual

December 2020

This links to a site that is a reference for professionals to use during the design process. It describes the signage policies for all signs and the specifications for interior and exterior signage. The Design Professional should refer to this document during the project design phase and shall comply with its standards.

AD32 No smoking signsApril 2019This attachment is a standard document for required signage at all new and renovated campus buildings. Revised AD 32 mandates no smoking anywhere on University property and state law requires posting of no smoking signs.

  1. See Penn State Signage Manual (in table above) for details.

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