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.01 Paint

  1. Finish Materials
    1. Shall conform to applicable code for flame/fuel/smoke ratings requirements.
    2. Shall be stored and applied in environmental conditions required by manufacturer's instructions.
    3. Shall be ready-mixed, except field catalyzed coatings, of good flow and brushing properties, capable of drying or curing free of streaks or sags.
    4. Shall be applied in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
    5. All new work shall be a primary grade.  Different shades of color shall be used for each coat.  The number of coats for existing work shall be as required to equal new work.
      1. Primer--one coat
      2. Finish--two coats
  2. Finishes
    1. Interior coats must be washable, except where flat finishes are used.
    2. Interior wall paints shall be semigloss finish.  No flat finish shall be permitted.  Professional Note:  Where the wall substrate is drywall, continuing runs of wall of more than 25 feet shall be avoided, especially in corridors.
    3. Finish for trim shall be enamel for painted finish and varnish for natural wood finishes.
    4. Finish for ceilings may be flat except in areas such as toilet rooms, shower rooms, locker rooms, wet-type laboratories, and the like, where a semigloss shall be used.
    5. Piping in mechanical and boiler rooms and above finished ceilings does not have to be painted, except for external corrosion-control piping.  All other exposed piping shall be painted a color appropriate to the space.
  3. Manufacturer shall be one of the following:
    1. Sherwin Williams
    2. PPG Architectural Coatings Inc.
    3. Benjamin Moore & Co.

.02 University Mechanical Color Code
  1. NOTE: This section has been revised and relocated to section 23 05 01.05 B.

.03 Door Lettering
  1. Lettering and renumbering on doors is discontinued.  (Refer to The Penn State Standards Signage Manual for requirements.)

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