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09 68 10 Carpet Tile

Note: Carpet tiles only shall be specified and installed; broadloom carpet is not allowed. Any deviation or exception to this must be approved in writing by the Assistant Vice President of the Office of Physical Plant.

  1. Carpet shall be installed as per the most current version of the manufacturer’s recommendations, and guidelines, including for subfloor preparation, installation conditions and methods. All carpet shall be selected from the list of approved Penn State styles.  Styles for InterfaceFLOR are available on the listed manufacturer's website.  Styles for Tarkett must be received from The Account Executive (Michael Albert) who can be contacted at the email address below.  
    1. InterfaceFLOR, 1503 Orchard Hill Road, LaGrange, Georgia, 30240
      1. Penn State website:
    2. Tarkett

Mr. Michael Albert, Account Executive

1010 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20007

Ph: 202-298-4420

Cell: 717-439-2963

  1. Installation Guidelines
    1. Carpet Tile may be installed via glue or non-glue adhesive systems with the following notes:  sloped/inclined sloped/inclined surfaces  (regardless of slope), raised floors over pressurized plenum, vertical surfaces, stairs, areas subject to heavy rolling loads (all these areas will require the use of  pressure sensitive glue, per the manufacturer’s specifications).  And areas, which upon consultation with the Office of Physical Plant personnel and manufacturer, are determined to be large as related to square yardage (which may require partially glued based installation). 
    2. No wet set applications will be permitted to be employed the installation process in the so noted areas.
    3.  All glues must be water based, zero calculated VOC’s, and contain no toxic or hazardous ingredients. 
    4. Solvent/petroleum based glues are prohibited.
    5.  The adhesive must be formulated to facilitate release and re-bonding of carpet tiles while permanently retaining its tack, allowing individual tiles to be lifted out easily and replaced without substantial loss of adhesive properties for the life of the installation.  
    6. Spare glue and glue containers must be recyclable.

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