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09 00 01 Owner General Requirements and Design Intent

.01 Schedule of Finishes
  1. Professional Note: Finish schedules will be developed with University concurrence on a project-by-project basis.
  2. The Professional will be required to prepare and submit to the University for approval, a schedule of finishes accompanied by a complete color board showing all finishes, color chips, and material samples of scheduled finishes and specified and/or approved alternate materials. This submission will be required prior to approval of final plans.
  3. Particularly careful attention must be given to the selection of color. In addition to all other considerations, maintain-ability is an important factor that must be included in the selection process. Past experience at the University indicates that certain colors and color ranges do not hold their good appearance under normal usage. For instance, dark colors have a tendency to show scuff marks more so than light colors, while greys and light greens show less scuff marks than any other colors the University maintains.
  4. At stairwells, landings, and stair treads, consideration must be given to maintenance in the selection of floor covering materials.
    1. Dark colors shall not be used.
    2. The material must be smooth, no grooves or ridges permitted.
    3. The material should be non-slip, but not of abrasive materials.
  5. Ceramic Tile Floors:  Where ceramic tile is used at floor areas, the installation should be specified to conform with the recommendations of the Ceramic Tile Institute.
  6. Wood Gymnasium Floors:  All wood gymnasium floors shall be specified to receive the following finish system:
    • Two coats of Hillyard Trophy Wood Seal #348 followed by two coats of Hillyard Trophy Gym-Finish #278.
  7. The preferred materials and finishes for interior walls are those which are durable, easily maintained and resistant to normal occupancy damage.  The use of vinyl wall covering and wood paneling will be considered for specific areas.

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