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01 41 00 Regulatory Requirements

.01 General
  1. The Professional shall design the project in compliance with all applicable Federal, State and Local codes, ordinances, laws and other regulations which have jurisdiction over the nature of the construction.  If any of the above are at variance with the material in this manual, the most demanding requirements shall be observed.
  2. In addition to the above mentioned codes, for University owned buildings, the University uses the most current editions of the following codes and standards as design criteria:
    Applicable codes of the PA Uniform Construction Code (UCC)
    ASME Codes
    ANSI B31.1 Code
    FM Global Standard
  3. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, the Professional is responsible for completing all applications and forms and producing all documents required for compliance.  The University will approve and sign all forms as applicant prior to submission to regulatory agencies.

.02 Zoning and Land Use
  1. The process for complying with zoning or land use regulations shall be managed by the University.
  2. The Professional shall attend all hearings/meetings required for securing necessary approvals and permits.
  3. The Professional shall submit Land Development Plans to the Manager of Engineering Services for review and signature (as Owner) prior to submitting for regulatory approval.  At least one complete set of documents shall be included.
  4. The Professional shall complete all zoning permit applications and send them to the Manager of Engineering Services for review and signature (as Owner/Applicant) prior to submitting for regulatory approval.

.03 Building Permits

.04 Utilities
  1. The Professional shall be responsible for completing all the appropriate planning modules, soil erosion control plans and other documents which may be required.  Documents requiring University signature (as Owner/Applicant) shall be submitted to the Manager of Engineering Services for signature.
  2. The Professional shall be responsible for obtaining whatever permission necessary to connect to non-University owned utility lines.  Utility service applications shall be submitted to the Manager of Engineering Services for signature.

.05 Environmental Regulations and Permits
  1. The professional shall prepare and submit the Environmental Compliance Checklist:
    1. During the Schematic Design phase for large or complex projects, and other circumstances the Project Leader deems appropriate.  A second submittal at Construction Document phase is required.
    2. At the completion (or near completion) of Construction Documents, and prior to bidding on all projects, regardless of size.
  2. In response to the Environmental Compliance Checklist, Engineering Services and EH&S shall provide draft Compliance Plans.  It is the responsibility of the Design Professional to complete these plans and implement them to ensure regulatory compliance.

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