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.01 General Owner Requirements
  1. Standard Drawing Sizes: Drawings shall be prepared on standard sheet sizes 24 inches by 36 inches or on sheets 30 inches by 42 inches. Use of any other sheet size requires the prior approval by the University Project Manager.
  2. Electronic documents shall comply with the standards in the table below.
  3. All equipment shown on Contract Documents shall conform to University's abbreviations and numbering conventions defined in the Equipment Acronym List found in the table below. 
DocumentVersion DateDescription
CADD Drawing and Submission Standards July 2002This document provides Professionals with guidelines for creating and submitting electronic drawings to The Pennsylvania State University.
Equipment Acronym ListMay 2011List of equipment abbreviations and identification numbering conventions.
.02 Specifications
  1. Book type specifications following the AIA MasterSpec format are required.

  2. Penn State’s Guidespecs shall be edited and incorporated into the contract documents when available.

  3. Specifications for Commissioning of all Building Systems – Envelope, Electrical, Lighting, HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection, shall be prepared by the Professional at the appropriate stage of design to aid in procurement of Commissioning Provider services. For example, on LEED projects, Commissioning Specifications shall be prepared for the Commissioning Provider to be engaged before the end of the design development phase.

01 01 01 General Project Document Content

.01 Submittals Table
  1. To assist the Contractor(s) in following through on all the various submittals that will be required of them, the Professional shall include in the contract documents, complete with the Specification section/paragraph reference, a table indicating all the shop drawings, catalog data, manufacturer's operating instructions, maintenance instructions, certificates, warranties, guarantees and any other pertinent operating and maintenance data.

.02 Fire Rated Construction Assemblies
  1. All construction assemblies which require a specific fire rating; i.e., 1-hour, 2-hour, etc., shall be so designated on the construction drawings.  In addition, the governing agency or applicable code, edition, and date shall also be indicated. The purpose of this is so that the University can maintain the required ratings when future revisions are made.

01 01 02 Owner Review

.01  Board of Trustees Submission
  1. The Professional shall be responsible for the preparation of graphic material to be presented to the University Board of  Trustees when their approval is required for a project.  Refer to the "Board of Trustees (BOT) Submission Requirements" below for specific instructions on the requirements for information and graphics, based on project cost and type.
    1. These documents provide guidelines to Penn State consultants for projects that require Penn State Board of Trustee approval or submittal for information only. Graphic standards and project guidelines are included. The Board of Trustee standing order BOT Major Project Guidelines language related to construction projects can be viewed at the BOT website.

BOT Major Project GuidelinesOctober 2017This document provides direction to Penn State consultants for requirements for major construction projects requiring Board of Trustee approval.                                      
Architect Selection Photo Requirements March 2007This document provides technical standards for submission of photos of built projects for architects shortlisted for major construction projects at Penn State.

.02  Design Review Submission
  1. The Professional shall prepare and submit to the Owner, for review and approval, Design Documents and any other documents required by the Owner. Refer to the Design Phase Deliverables document below for specific submission requirements for each design phase.
  2. The Design Professional shall provide a written response to each Design Review Comment received.
Design Phase DeliverablesSeptember 2011Minimum requirements for documents submitted to the University for Owner Review.

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