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.01 Job Conference Guide
DocumentVersion DateDescription
Initial Job Conference GuideDecember 2010This interactive guide serves only to highlight certain contract administration requirements.
This online guide contains links to all of the job kit documents (below).

.02 Forms for Job Conference
DocumentVersion DateDescription
Job Conference Sign-in SheetDecember 2007Use this form to log the attendees of the job conference
Job Conference Meeting Minutes Form January 2012 
After Hours Emergency CallsApril 2007 

.03 Prevailing Wage (Payroll)
DocumentVersion DateDescription
Commonwealth of PA Payroll Certification Notice May 2008 
Weekly Payroll Certification Forms  
No Work ReportJuly 15, 2003    

.04 Payment Application

.05 Change Order
DocumentVersion DateDescription
Change Order ProcessJuly 15, 2003 
Change Order Summary and Cost Breakdown FormsJuly 2005 
Tax Exempt ItemsJuly 15, 2005 
ACT 45 Exemption Carve-OutJanuary 2, 2003   
Change Order Letter-SAMPLE 1July 15, 2003Sidney Professional Letter
Change Order Letter-SAMPLE 2
July 15, 2003Joe Contractor Letter
Change Order Summary-SAMPLEAugust 2004 
Change Order Letter-SAMPLE 3July 15, 2003Bill Subcontractor Letter
Cost Breakdown-SAMPLEAugust 2004 
Change Order Letter-SAMPLE 4July 15, 2003Quick Buck Rental Company
Change Order Letter-SAMPLE 5July 15, 2003Speedy Electric Supply Company

.06 Forms and Certificates

.07 Stormwater Information

.08 Close-Out

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