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Old Coaly

MYTH: The Nittany Lion was the first Penn State mascot.
FACT: Old Coaly, the mule, was the first unofficial mascot. He came to Penn State in 1857 and died in 1893.  
Coaly hauled stone for the construction of Old Main and was so beloved that after his death, his skeleton was preserved. See it in the HUB.


Office of University Relations

Wilson take picture of CATA bus at Pattee Transit station

Myth: You get free tuition if you get hit by a CATA bus is false.
Fact: CATA does not pay your tuition if you are hit by a CATA bus.

If we can't get the picture done in time, drop the slide.

Ghost Walk.tif

Myth: The "Ghost Walk" is haunted by an 1860s student that froze to death in a blizzard.

Fact: In the 1860s, Professor William Waring planted a grove of evergreens behind Old Botany. Nobody knows exactly when the path became known as "the Ghost Walk".


University Archives

Sundial1915.jpg or Wilson takes photo.

Myth: The sun dial on the Old Main lawn is the geographic center of Pennsylvania.
Fact: The sun dial is a gift of the senior class of 1915 and holds no geographic significance. **
The geographic center of the Commonwealth is in Centre Countynear Fisherman's Paradise along Spring Creek, near Bellefonte.

From PSU website:

Valerie Allen

stacks.jpgor other "stacks" photo

Fact:The Library began with 14 books in 1857.  Now the PSU Libraries has 5 million + volumes.

Valerie Allen

Modern Pattee Mall shot

Fact: The PSU Libraries will be 150 years old in 2009. [picture of First Library in Old main]



First Library in Old Main.jpg

Fact: The First Library in Old Main was 1,500 volumes on agriculture and the sciences.


University Archives

First Library in Old Main.jpg Old Main Library Reading Room

Fact: In 1874, students had access to library books for ONE hour per day.


University Archives

Carnegie Library 1905

Fact:  Carnegie Library was dedicated in 1904, but the 150,000 volumes out grew the space.  Pattee Library was dedicated in 1940.


University Archives













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