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Humans are resources of information!  Course and Resource Faculty appear in approximate order of appearance of related material in course and are useful human resources to answer inquiries around their area of expertise. 

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Emmanuelle Williams 


Gastroenterology, Inflammatory bowel disease,
Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis, endoscopy


Christopher Lynch

has moved to NIH

Normal GI physiology, absorbtion, obesity to diabetes conversion, branched chain amino acids, MSUD, nutrient signaling, atypical antipsychotic metabolic side effects, incretins

likes boating, fishing, was in the Army

Ann Ouyang


Gastroenterology, GERD, Barrett's esophagus, swallowing disorders and pain, gastrointestinal muscle and motility, esophagus physiology and disease, endoscopy, nausea and vomiting


Hector Lopez-Carbona


hlopez@hmc.psu.eduEmbryology, anatomy, morphological sciences and histologyDirector, Program on Human Structure

Amanda White

Neural and Behavioral Sciences

Embryology and anatomy of the gutPh.D. Candidate - Anatomy Program specializing in developmental biology of the GI tract

Francesca Ruggiero

Anatomic Pathology

Pathology, gastrointestinal histology, histo-pathology, disease diagnosis, surgical pathology, gross pathology


Zhaohai Yang

Anatomic Pathology

Gastrointestinal histology, histo- pathology, disease diagnosis, surgical pathology, gross pathology. Interest centers on the neoplasm of the digestive system, in particular, the neuroendocrine tumors

Medical Director, Autopsy and Decedent Care Services


Dipti Karamchandani

Anatomic Pathology

Histology, Pathology, gastrointestinal histology, histo-pathology,
disease diagnosis, surgical pathology, gross pathology

Kirsteen Browning  

Neural and
Behavioral Sciences

Neuroanatomy, CNS/GI integrative physiology and communication, vagus, electrophysiology, neural plasticity, pharmacology of nausea and vomiting, cell surface receptors and channels


Graham Jeffries


Gastroenterology, peptic ulcer, Gastric secretion,
stomach physiology, infectious diarrheas,malabsorbtion


Shannon Kelleher

Cellular and Molecular Physiology;Surgery;

Nutrition, UP Micronutrient biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology 

John M Levenick, M.D.



jlevenick@hmc.psu.eduGastroenterology, gall bladder, biliary and pancreatic disorders 
Deborah Bethards


Gastoenterology, irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic floor disorders,  identification and treatment of a duodenal diverticular hemorrhage

Has a pet cockatiel named Scoofey

Kelly Karpa


GI pharmacology, pharmacy, potential applications of probiotics, herbal and dietary supplements, Clostridium difficile, diarrhea management, laxative mechanisms

-Was one of the first babies born at the Hershey Medical Center

-Passionate about spending time with my family.   We like to spend time boating in the summer and I’m active volunteering at my church, at my kids’ school events, and can usually be found in the evenings at: a soccer game, dance or karate class, theater rehearsal, track or cross country event.

Thomas McGarrity


Gastroenterology, Barrett's esophagus, colorectal cancer, screening for Familial Colorectal Cancer risk, cancer genetics, chronic hepatitis C,  Herpes simplex-induced fulminant hepatitis, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, esophageal varices


Ian Schreibman

Medicine/    Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology, liver function, clinical chemistry related to liver, hepatitis, Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, metabolic liver disease, hemachromatosis, Wilson's disease, liver transplant, hepatitis pharmacology, esophageal varices, primary sclerosing cholangitis, hepatocellular carcinoma


Thomas Riley

Medicine/    Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology, liver function,cirrhosis, autoimmune and cholestatic liver disease, liver transplantation, liver cancer, esophageal varices, primary sclerosing cholangitis, chronic hepatitis C, pain characteristics in chronic liver disease, prevention of liver disease 

Zakiyah Kadry

Surgery/ Transplant Surgery

General surgery, liver transplant surgery, MELD and PELD scoring, liver function tests, geographical disparities, immunosuppressive management for transplantation 

Amy Knehans

Clinical Outreach, Liaison & Instruction Librarian


Information Sciences, drug information, database retrieval, synthesizing information, health literacy, resource evaluation, information management, research management, educational technology and medical-related software, bibliometrics, scholarly publishing, copy right, finding evidence-based clinical care information.


Jennifer Meka

Cognitive Skills & Psychiatry

jmeka@hmc.psu.eduLearning and test taking strategies. Jen is familiar with all of the course content. 

Lisa Harman

Course Administrator and Coordinator - ABLE Editor

Contact Lisa for emergency situations where you cannot get in touch with Dr Williams or Lynch.   Her phone number is 531-8566.

Lisa is involved in a number of educational activities.