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MRL Schedule Revisions (3/25/14)

The MRL Renovation project is tentatively scheduled to begin construction in Summer of 2014 and follow this construction timeline to completion in Summer of 2016. The timeline has been extended by two months due to the addition of all the office spaces to the scope of the renovation.

  • June, 2014 - Abatement Begins

  • June, 2014- Project out to bid
    Design documents completed and made available to interested contractors for bid.
  • September 2014 - Approval from the Board of Trustees
    Construction contracts to be executed soon after BOT approval with construction to begin immediately thereafter.

  • September 2014 - Summer 2015 - Phase 1 construction
    Renovations completed according to the project plans. To include all office space on the East side of the MRL building through the central entrance/auditorium. Roof replacement and HVAC system replacement to be completed during Phase 1.
  • Summer 2015 - Occupants move to Phase 2 assignments
    Labs move from West side to East side of MRL Building in preparation for Phase 2 renovations. Work crews will available during this time to assist in the move.

  • Summer 2015 - Summer 2016 - Phase 2 Construction
    Phase 2 construction will complete the West side of the building

  • July 2016 – Construction complete
    Following construction and occupancy approval all occupants should be moved into their final spaces in the MRL Building



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