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The MRL Building will be undergoing renovation in 2014-2016.  This will be a 2 phase renovation beginning with the East side of MRL, tentatively to begin in April of 2014. This includes everything on the loading dock side of the building extending through the auditorium (rm 189). During this time the East side of the building will be inaccessible to anyone but the construction crews. The renovations will affect all occupied spaces in the building.  In Phase 1, all labs and offices on the East side will need to be empty for the renovation period. Lab activities will be moved to temporarily assigned lab space for the duration of this phase.

Latest News:

  • 8/28/2013 - Change in MRL Project Scope and Schedule -
    You have probably been wondering the status of the project since there hasn't been an update for a while.  The renovation project delayed because of a change in the scope of the project.  While the delay is a short-term inconvenience, for the long term it is the smart thing to do.  All office spaces will now be included in the renovation which will now mean that in addition to the lab spaces, all office spaces in MRL Building will get new flooring, overhead, ducted air conditioning, new heating units and new ceiling tile.
    The revised schedule has construction starting in March or April of 2014 after the approval of all of the construction contracts. Phase I will take about one year to March 2015 and construction for Phase II for another 10 months with the project to be completed by late winter of 2016.

  • 4/10/2013 - Design documents for review. Design documents for relevant lab renovations will be sent on April 10 to each PI for review and sign off on the changes that will be made. This review and return of the forms with corrections and approval signature should be returned by the end of the day on April 17 so that the design can be sent for permitting before the end of April which will prevent delays to to the project construction start. You prompt assistance will be appreciated by your colleagues that will be occupying the MRL space.
    -- The design is based on the program plan which was produced in September 2012 MRL Building Renovation Program Statement 9-12-2012.pdf
    -- PDF sets of the engineering drawings for the building are available here:  plumbing—   mechanical —  architectural  — electrical

  • 4/3/2013 - The decision on clean water systems has been made. Purified water will be made available at a central location on each floor of the MRL Building. The water available will be Type II RO water de-ionized to 2-15 Megohm-cm resistivity (conductivity: 0.5-0.067 MicroSeimens/cm.). The systems used will be AquaSolutions Model RODI-T2.
  • 3/18/2013 - The renovation will be out to bid in May of this year. In order to maximize the renovation work that can be accomplished the Phase 1 area should be cleared when the contractors walk through in preparation for bidding. Labs and office should be moved to their interim locations by May 1, 2013.
  • 3/18/2013 - In the next few weeks design drawings of the renovations to be completed in the laboratory spaces will be distributed for final review by the research group principal investigators. To avoid further delay, please be aware of this and make reviewing these diagrams a priority and return corrections or approval as quickly as you can when the documents are received.
  • 3/15/2013 - Updated diagram or final post-renovation space assignments posted here.

After the first phase, the West side of the building will be cleared for phase 2 of the renovations. Those assigned space in the completed building will then move into their refurbished space and others will be assigned temporary space for the completion of the Phase 2 renovations. These renovations should take 10 months from the beginning of the Phase 2 work with completion expected in the Spring of 2016 when everyone will move to their completed space.

These pages will provide information regarding the renovations, including space assignments, schedules and other information relevant to the Project. While this will be a significant disruption to activities we hope to minimize these disruptions as best as we can and as such will work with you to be sure that you have the resources to make moves, streamline building processes or in any other way facilitate the renovation while you continue your work as possible. If you have questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact

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