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These are answers to some of the most frequent questions regarding the project. If you have further questions about the renovations please add them as a comment to this page or send them to

Q: What kind of water system will be installed in the building?
A: At this time there are no plans to plumb the building with any clean water system systems for use in the lab. However, there will be a centrally located fixture on each floor of the building where carboy bottles can be refilled. The water available at these locations will be Type II RO water de-ionized to 2-15 Megohm-cm resistivity (conductivity: 0.5-0.067 MicroSeimens/cm.). The units used will be AquaSolutions Model RODI-T2 systems.

Q: Will the front doors, loading dock, or elevator be available during the renovation?
A: Since all of these facilities are in the phase 1 side of the building the existing facilities will be unavailable. We consider them all important facilities and they will remain accessible to some degree. We will not know the details of how they will be made available until a contractor is selected and we can work with them. For example, we may have a set time when the loading dock can be regularly made accessible in order to receive deliveries such as gas bottles.

Q: Will kitchen facilities be available during the renovations?
A: Since all of the kitchen facilities are currently in the Phase 1 side of the building we will be making arrangements to have a temporary facility created for this purpose.



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