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For Android:
For iOS:

  1. Download the Polycom Realpresence Mobile application. This only needs done once per device. You will need your Apple ID password or your Google Play account info. 
  2. Open the Polycom Realpresence Mobile application. It will be asking for an email address to log in, do not enter one and click "skip"
  3. Enter the IP Address for the TNS Video Bridge, which should be "" and click call.
  4. You will be prompted to enter a conference ID which should have been provided with the link to these instructions. Click the number pad icon to enter the Conference ID.
  5. Enter the ID, it should be something similar to "1234#". As soon as you type "#" you will connect to the conference.
  6. Close the number pad by clicking on the icon again. Make sure your audio is working, then mute your microphone until you need to speak.
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