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  1. If I click All Services Alphabetically, I see only three Adobe Connect services; but if I click "Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional " under Service Groups, I see 6 services.  I assume that I am seeing private and public in the one view but public only in the alphabetical view.  Should I see the same in both views? 

    And since I am seeing both, I would like to have some indication if a service is public or private, or I may accidentally mention a private service without knowing that I am doing that.

    I like that the serach box shows me possible search items (I am assuming that any of the key words are showing up that match what I've typed so far), but I was surprised that the service groups were not terms I could put into the search box and get an actual result with.  For example, I put in Call Center and got no results.  I would think that the words in the service group selection box would produce results if typed into the search box.

    Thanks.  Barb

  2. Any reason that some show Faculty Staff Student and other services show Student Faculty Staff (not the same order)?  Is it just how it was entered in the database or is there a priority? 

    Is there any way to sort the results (say I want to see results at the top that are available to students, and then results available not to students at the bottom; or that I want to see the free services first and the for fee ones at the bottom)? 

    I tried searching by Students, but got no results, so is there a way to search for just services available to, say, students?

    Thanks.  Barb

  3. I- In the Service Groups dialogue box some items are hard to make out without selecting the service due to the descriptions being too long. When there are multiple service types with the same first portions of the starting descriptions, multiple ones has to be selected to verify if its the correct one being requested...i.e. "Call Center Services- Phone Int?", "High Performance Computing (H?)".

    Solution would/should be:

    a)Increase (or Widen) the dialogue box, which doesn't appear to be posssible with current design, due to space constraint.

    b) Modify the box by adding the capability of being able to scroll right and left.

    II- Items on main page needs to be alphabetized...a) Penn State Microsoft Services, b) EMail c) Penn State Web Services etc...

    III- Modify the description in the first row on top of the page (Services in Grey), third column to simply state/list: "All Services" and remove/drop Alphabetically, since it is (mostly) the norm or generally assumed. If it is has to be mentioned or is desired, then place it in parenthesis, and list it simply as "(Alphabetical or Alphabetized)".

    IV- There are a few grammatical and spelling errors throughout the site. Should utilize some type of tool (Spell/Grammer Check) that can assist with this?

  4. A helpful criterion to add for each service might be campus location where offered. For example, voice services does not indicate that it is only available at UP. Another example might be computer lab management - only offered by at UP. There are probably others, but those are examples.

  5. eDDS is the Electronic Document Distribution System and not the eDocument Distribution Center.

    This is a minor thing but when I scroll through the service groups and I click on an individual service, I would prefer that, in the service group list, it would not default back to the beginning of the list but would remain at the spot where I chose the service that I am currently viewing. This causes me to scroll back down through the list of services until I find the next service that I am looking for. I hope you understand what I am saying.

  6. "All Services Alphabetically"  seems to be all "Service Groups" alphabetically and then shows the service items so maybe we should change the tab name. 

    Should the "Service Groups" heading in the right navigation be just called "Services?"

    Joannie and I think it would be helpful to also have another tab for just the service items alphabetically.

    Here are some comments from the previous e-mail I sent to Rhonda so she has them all in one location:

    Is there going to be some type of key/glossary  that explains what Service Status is and list definitions for Production, Development, etc?
    The light blue text used for the service items may be difficult for some people to read....I'm not sure if someone from MAC looked at the prototype for Web Accessibility, but that may be good before releasing it.

    Not sure how the Recently Updated Services and New Services sections are displaying the services.  They don't appear to be alphabetical.  Are the most recently updated/newest ones the first to be displayed?

    I searched for Webmail on the keyword search and it didn't retrieve any results.  The keyword search seems to be only looking at the description field.  I think it would be helpful should search the service, service item, and description. 

    Could we add new areas with filter selections for Eligible Audience and For Fee fields?  (For example, What if someone wants to look at only our Free services for Students.)

    The Fee and Audience (ITS, Student, Faculty, etc.) information just seem to be hanging out to the right of the service description.  I hope that people will realize what those mean, but I don't have any suggestions on how to define them even more or put a heading on it.

  7. First, I think we should be removing area names that are in front of
    what the actually service is. [i.e. Call Center Services-Audio
    Conferencing] Just list Audio Conferencing. It will make it so much
    easier for customers to find the actually service and not have to know
    what group offers it.

    Not really like the whole Consulting Service Groups either. The goal is
    to make it easy for our customers to find services and if I want the
    Computer Store I should not have to know it is under Consulting. If
    nothing else we should like these things both ways, so customers can get
    to it either way.

    1. Service Groups I think there should be created:
    Security that links to all the SOS services provided.
    Cellular that points to the PSU Faculty/Staff Service Offerings.
    PASS and link to the website
    Portal and link to the website

    2. For the Technology Classroom Group I think we should provide the

    3. Link provided under Survey Services I do not believe is correct. It
    points you to the reports and surveys that have been done. I don't think
    we have a survey service.

    4. Under Research Computing I think we should provide the link:

    Is Key Word Search suppose to be working yet?

    1. I support Mary's first point. I don't believe it is helpful to list services by service area name. I suspect users will be looking for a function, not an area. If services are to be groups, perhaps they should be grouped according to functions, which would follow the example of the new ITS web site. For example, Teaching and Learning, Research, Collaboration, User Accounts, Networking, etc.