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Project Management Working Group Leadership Team


What attributes does the leadership team look for when inviting new team members?

  1. Person comes from a unit that isn't already represented within the team
  2. Person represents a different field compared to existing team members (i.e., facilities, research, communications, IT, etc.)
  3. Person represents a different level of experience compared to existing team members
  4. Person has attended PMWG meetings and is still an active member

Former Leadership Team Members

  • Galen Lentz, ARL
  • Madelyn Wagner, Enterprise IT
  • Beth Hayes, ITS Services and Solutions
  • Ed McGowan, Student Affairs
  • Jim Taylor, Office of Research Information Systems
  • Heather Dawson, World Campus
  • Rose Pruyne, EIT Services and Solutions
  • Mark Linton, Enterprise IT
  • Tim Marshall, SIMBA Project/World Campus Learning Design
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