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  • 2019.01.18: The Power of Partnership: Blending Project Management and Organizational Change Management Disciplines
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10:30-10:45: Announcements + Introductions
10:45-11:45: Talk and Q&A
11:45-12:00 +/Δ

Abstract: This presentation comprises two sections: the first will describe, theoretically, how organizational change management and project management methodologies and principles, when coordinated and employed together, result in improved project success. The second section presents a case study describing a portfolio of projects at Penn State’s University Police and Public Safety where this approach was applied. Using this case study, you will learn how a PM team and an OCM team worked together to build project and change competence, and to deliver project success and business value.

Attendance Sign-in Sheet


Meeting Artifacts

Ken-Sue Presentation.pptx

UPPS Stakeholder Analysis Sample.xlsx

UPPS Communication Plan Sample.xlsx

UPPS Change Management Dashboard.xlsx

Project-Change Charter Template.docx

POSS Project Closure Report.docx



+ / Δ



Relevant subject

Didn't start on time

Zoom available

Include Business Analyst in addition to the OCM and PM


Great topic 
Nice to offer PM Conference presentation 



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