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  • 2017.08.08: Lightning Talks: Different Types of PMs
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10:30-10:45: Announcements + Introductions
10:45-11:45: Lightning Talks + Q&A
        Each lightning talk is 5 minutes in length. 
        Each lightning talk will be followed by 5 minutes for questions and discussion.
        If there is extra time, we will take volunteers to give lightning talks.
11:45-12:00 +/Δ

What is a Lightning Talk?

A Lightning Talk is a very short presentation, usually no more than 5 (sometimes 10) minutes.

It is informal. You may or may not have slides; it's up to you.

It may or may not be rehearsed. Some interesting ones are off the cuff. However, if you prepare and rehearse with a timer, it's a good bet that your talk will have more impact.

It is timed. You will get the bell if you go over 5 minutes, and you must end your talk then so the next person can take the stage.

It can be creative. Some of the best Lightning Talks tell a story, use pictures, convey passion for the subject. 

Presenters, Topics, and Materials 

 PresenterPresenter's E-mailPresentation TitlePresentation Description

Links to Slides and Other Materials


Project Management, Design and Construction, Office of Physical Plant (OPP)


  1. Facilities PM
2.Stephanie Szakalsns12@psu.eduJoined at the Hip 2. Joined at the Hip
3.Kirk Saylorkirk.saylor@mountnittany.orgLaunching a PMO at Mount Nittany Health 3. Launching PMO
Nicole Research PMs 

4. How to talk about PM so Researchers will listen...


Managing integrated media projects at WPSU

6.Suzanne Waynesuzwayne@psu.eduManaging Print Material Projectsdiscussion about resources, phases, and unique risks of print projects 

More Resources

Lightning Talks and How to Give Them

Lightning Talks About Project and Team Management

+ / Δ



  • Variety of speakers and topics + 2
  • Learned new things
  • Well attended session
  • Speakers included someone from outside PSU
  • Valuable PMI information shared
  • Provided grounding on our mission


  • Provide 2 minute warning to presenter, in addition to 1 minute warning


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