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  • 2017.06.13: OPP Panel on Planning and Estimating
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Keeping the Lights On: Estimating and Planning in OPP
One of the greater challenges facing project managers is accurately estimating costs and time to complete work. Estimating becomes even more complex when unforeseen emergencies can disrupt plans and access to resources.  
Join us for  a panel discussion with 3 OPP Planner Estimators who deal with estimating and planning for physical plant projects including preventative and corrective maintenance as well as facility renovations. They will share some of the issues they face with facility projects and how they use project management principles and software tools to enable more accurate planning and estimating.
This session is for:
  • project managers
  • business analysts
  • budget officers
  • facilities coordinators
  • any member of the Penn State community curious about how OPP manages the maintenance and renovation of Penn State campuses.
When: June 13, 9-10:30 am
Where: 233B HUB
No streaming is planned for this session due to the location and the panel discussion format. 



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Learning more about moving from corrective -> preventative




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