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  • 2017.03.23: Case Study: University-Wide Implementation of Admissions Campaigns OR How to Survive a Nervous Eye Twitch
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In this case study, Julie Simon and Kate Tornatore from Outreach Marketing will share a project to implement a University-wide CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) to manage admissions campaigns. This project transformed the way we communicate with students from the time we get students names until they arrive on campus for classes. Before this project launched, there was no visibility into or coordination between communications that students received from campuses and colleges, resulting in a disjointed and confusing experience for prospective students. This project has enabled the University to communicate with students in a more cohesive, collaborative way with a consistent voice.

Introducing change was not easy. Simon states, "I cried in front my new boss at least three times in 2015, and I’m not proud of it. Our project team was charged with delivering communications for all campuses and colleges through the CRM. We had 25 business days to prepare.” Learn how project management helped them complete this project successfully AND with their mental health intact.


  1. A quick history of the project

  2. Tuckman’s stages of team formation and the detours and victories along the way

  3. Five things we wished we’d have known

  4. Five project-saving tools

  5. What’s next

Who does this talk benefit?

  • project managers

  • those interested in project management

  • business analysts

  • anyone working on a cross-functional team, especially across campuses or colleges


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