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  • 2016.05.11: Lightning Talks: Pot Pourri
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10:00-10:15: Announcements + Introductions
10:15-11:15: Lightning Talks + Q&A
        Each lightning talk is 5 minutes in length. 
        Each lightning talk will be followed by 5 minutes for questions and discussion.
        If there is extra time, we will take volunteers to give lightning talks.
11:15-11:30 +/Δ

What is a Lightning Talk?

A Lightning Talk is a very short presentation, usually no more than 5 (sometimes 10) minutes.

It is informal. You may or may not have slides; it's up to you.

It may or may not be rehearsed. Some interesting ones are off the cuff. However, if you prepare and rehearse with a timer, it's a good bet that your talk will have more impact.

It is timed. You will get the bell if you go over 5 minutes, and you must end your talk then so the next person can take the stage.

It can be creative. Some of the best Lightning Talks tell a story, use pictures, convey passion for the subject. 

Presenters, Topics, and Materials 

 PresenterPresenter's E-mailPresentation TitlePresentation Description

Links to Slides and Other Materials

1.Galen Lentz and Kelli Prescott

F&B IT Transformation
  1. History
  2. Differences Among F&B Units
  3. Vision Statement
  4. Functional Teams
PMWG FB Lightning Talk (002).pptx
2.Michelle Carr and Michelle Isham

Scrum of Scrums in the F&B IT Transformation
  1. What is it
  2. Why did we choose to use it
  3. How we made it 'fit'
  4. Benefits
Scrum of Scrums.pptx
3.Ken and Brendan

PMOs and Penn State
  1. PMO "Movement"
    (and the benefits) 
  2. Pitfalls / Obstacles
  3. A Possible View
  4. Getting there from here Resources

PMO Lightning Talk.-vBBpptx-2.pptx

Matt Socciomps10@psu.eduOrganizational Change ManagementThe ADKAR model for change management

Prosci ADKAR

Organizational Change Management.pptx

5.Suzanne Waynesuzwayne@psu.eduNeed PDU's? Project Management Professional Development OptionsA quick list of places I have been able to get PDUs to maintain my PMP.


Mentioned in Q and A: Skillsoft PM catalog


6.Nigel McFarlanenrm149@psu.eduFacilitation: The opening statementInforming, exciting, empowering and involving
7.Suzanne Waynesuzwayne@psu.eduRemote Attendance for PMWG MeetingsDiscussion with the broader group as to how we might accomplish this.remote-S-Wayne.pptx


More Resources

Lightning Talks and How to Give Them

Lightning Talks About Project and Team Management

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