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2012 Roundtable Recordings

January: A View form the ITLC

2011 Roundtable Recordings

February: Darwin Meets Moore: The Evolution of Threat Management, Check Point
March: A Deep Dive into Microsoft's MDOP Tools, Carl Kishel, Microsoft
April: IPv6 at Penn State, A Panel Discussion (Brief audio disruption half way through)
May: 2011 Bulk Buy
June: Apple Learning Opportunities (No Recording)
August: Accessibility (No Recording)
September: Implementing Security as a Business Process
October: News from SOS
November: Accessibility: What You Should Know

2010 Roundtable Recordings

February: Risk Management, Symantec
April:Building Sites with Drupal
July: A Conversation with the Vice Provost of IT at Penn State
August: Identity Finder, Panel Discussion
October: Dell Management Console, John Daley, Dell
November: Microsoft PowerShell, Shannon Johnson and Chris Milito Overview 0:00; Managing AD Demo 19:22; Managing MSSQL Demo 48:40; Managing Sharepoint Demo 53:47; Managing MS Exchange Demo 1:04:50; Managing VMware Demo 1:08:25

2009 Roundtable Recordings

January: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Matthew VanderVen from Microsoft
February: Open Forum with Kev in Morooney, Vice Provost of ITS
March: Microsoft Campus License Agreement, SHI International
April: ITS' VM-hosting Service & My IT Community
June: An Overview of the TSM Service
August: Securing Next Generation Networks for Web 2.0 Migrations
September: IPv6
October: Evolution of the Web-based Threat, Kathy Kimball, SOS, no Connect recording
December: Microsoft App-V

2008 Roundtable Recordings

January: MacWorld 2008, Media-Rich Resources, and Multi-Platform Concerns
February: Collaborative Technology Initiatives at Penn State
March: What IT Pros Ought to Know About Tiered Storage
April: GPFS - What System and Network Administrators Need to Know
May: Authorization Infrastructure at Penn State
June: Endpoint Security - Mirage Networks
July: IPAS Phase II: Data Classification at Penn State
August: Microsoft SQL Server 2008
August: Microsoft Windows Server 2008
September: Drupal
October: SAMFS for Data Classification
November: VMware Views (VDM) & ACE

2007 Roundtable Recordings

February:Unified Manageability Architecture
March: Free Stuff to manage Windows Updates and Antivirus Definitions
April: Virtualization with VMware ESX
June: Panel on Microsoft Exchange Administration
August: Firewalls & Web Application Security
September: Storage Area Networks
October: Centrify for Integrating Mac Clients into AD
November: Mac Administration

2006 Roundtables

November: Introduction to Windows Vista