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With the advancement of technology is improving, documents are written electronically. With that signatures are now coming in electric form. Now E-Signatures are found everywhere you buy something or sign up for a website. Here are some example of E-signature. 

Here is an example of click as a signature. Clicking on “Sign Up” is as equivalent as signing your name to facebook’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Many other webpage uses this feature such as MySpace, Twitter, New Egg, foursquare, foamsprings,ect.

Many people are familiar with this. This when you sign the electronic pad when you purchase something at Wal-Mart using your credit/debit card. Many other store chains use this type of signature such as Giant, GameStop, Best Buy, Target, ect.

Here are “official signatures” where the user must type their name as their signature to a document.

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Importance of E-Documents and E-Signatures

Electronic Document & Electronic Signatures

Examples of E-Signatures

Documents that CANNOT be written or signed electronically

International & Long Distance Transactions

Relevant Cases

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act

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