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Consequences of Censorship

The need for the US citizens to stay vigilant in questioning and acting on unconstitutional legislation that attempts to regulate content is of the upmost importance. The US Constitution was created in a time when the Internet could not even have been imagined, however this does not mean that we should abandon the ideas presented in the constitution. Freedom of speech in the cornerstone in which our country relies on for education, entertainment, employment opportunities, as well as a way to instill morals upon our Nation’s youth.

In allowing legislation to pass that censors what we are allowed to view on the Internet we will be allowing the initial step against our freedom of speech. The Government exists to serve the people, and if we allow laws to be passed that threaten our constitutional rights we will find ourselves on a slippery slope. The fact that the CDA was followed by COPA in another attempt to implement online censorship is an example that this is a current concern and that there will likely be future attempts to add censorship to the Internet.

There are countries that attempt to filter content such as social, political, and security content, or even all of the above. While COPA and the CDA were aimed at anti-obscene material access to minors, when considering what content has the potential to be filtered we must further realize that our freedom of speech weighs heavily upon our access to material of our choosing on the Internet.

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