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With the growing popularity of E-books, new technology is emerging that accommodates users who enjoy reading E-books. The three main devices in this area are the Kindle, Nook, and iPad.


The kindle is a product from the popular online store Amazon. The Kindle is priced at $259.00 and offers users the ability to read E-books, in addition to being able to store 1500 of them. It also has 3G connection with no extra charge that allows the user to wirelessly download E-books from anywhere in a matter of seconds. (Amazon)


The Nook is similar to the Kindle. It is priced at the same value and also holds up to 1500 E-books. What makes the Nook different is that is has both 3G and Wi-Fi accessibility in addition to access to the Barnes and Noble eBookstore. Other software is also included that allows users to sample E-books for free and share them with friends. (Barnes and Noble)


The iPad is quite different from both the Nook and the Kindle. It offers much more to the user than just the ability to read and store E-books. In addition to being able to display E-books, the iPad has features and software that allow the user to also browse the internet, run applications designed for the ultra-popular iPhone, and perform the same tasks that a user could on an iPhone. Because of all the extras, the iPad starts at $499, making much more expensive than the Nook and the Kindle. (Apple)

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