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DS340W.001 Applied Data Sciences

General Guideline

The project will be attacked using a series of milestones including (i) a research topic proposal, (ii) a mid-term report, (iii) a final report. Each team will also have a chance to present the project to the class in the last week of the semester.

Each report has 100 points, with 70 points as group report and 30 points as individual participants. In each report, it should clearly state the individual responsibilities and activity log (see below for details).


  • Format:
    • For LaTex, please simply use \documentclass[12pt]{article}. Do not change margin or font.
    • For Word, please use the default word setting (Cambria font 12, single space). Do not change the margin or font.
  • Submit your report to the appropriate dropbox on Canvas. Only one person in each team needs to make the submission. Don't make duplicate submissions. 

Project proposal

Midterm report 

Final report 

Final presentation instructions


Grading Criteria

Group Report (70 points)

Grading criteria is based on the requirements of each report.

Individual Contribution and Participation (30 points)

You should provide an activity log for each project report.

Team member responsibilities (15 points): The report should clearly indicate the responsibility of each group member. If possible, give a table to describe who was responsible for which part of the report, who wrote which section, who coordinated the group work activities, etc. 

 Here is an example of a group activity table:

Team Member


Jane Doe

Problem formulation, data collection, literature survey, report writing

John Smith

Problem formulation, method design, experiment 1

Jane Smith

Problem formulation, method design, experiment 2

 As long as a group member contributed to the group project report, the group member can get 15 points.

Group activities (15 points): The report should also provide logs of your group activities, including when the group met, what the group did, and who attended.

Here is an example of a group activity log table:




1/20/2019 11:00 – 11:45 AM

Discussing project ideas

all team members

1/23/2019 1:00 – 1:45 PM

Discussing report structure

all members, except John Doe

A group member who attended more than 80% of group activities will get 15 points. If attendance was between 50% and 80%, 10 points would be given. Below 50%, no point.

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