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Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetry is an effective tool for reconstructing 3D objects like: sites, structures, pits, piles, and individual objects. There are a wide variety of different applications for SfM photogrammetry. Select applications are compared here; please feel free to update. In this lab we will use the Hypr3D web service.
Earlier in the week, you captured photographs of an object you were going to model. For the purpose of this exercise, the image collection should consist of no more than 30 images.

  1. Visit the Hypr3D website
  2. Create an account and log onto the site.
  3. Upload a collection of about 30 images. Be sure to provide a description of the model and the camera used to capture the photographs.
  4. Submit the model for processing. Plan on waiting about 30 minutes for the model to process.
  5. While the model is processing, create a new page where you will post a description of your model and how the photographs were captured. Be sure that the description of the model is informative.
  6. Once the model is complete, add a link to the model and provide information on the number of points. On this page, I supply an example of what your model results page should look like.
  7. To embed the model into the page, use the following code
  8. Replace "_\_" with the embed URL of your model. Then paste the code above into your results wiki page.

The YouTube video shows the process of building a model. The clip also illustrates exporting the model to MeshLab, model cleaning, and transformation to the proper scale.

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