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ArcMap Version 10

Here is the Euclidean distance that also shows the 15 minute contour lines. 
Above is the backlink.
And here is what is supposed to be the path distance.  However, you can see that the function does not appear to have been executed properly.  You can see what looks like points along the cardinal points, but no variation due to the elevation change.  Note: This is ArcMap v10
Instead of the value of 1.74, I have a value of 4419.37 for the high value.  I calculated it several times using the directions given and the results were the same.

I then added the selction of colca_aster to the vertical factor selection, and it gave the below backlink.
And this is the cost path
Here the high value is 1.30804.  This is a closer answer, and I will try to compare sites from this calculation to those calculated in 9.3.

Comparing by subtraction the euclidean walk times and the path cost walk times gives me the above.

Below is the output as a GRID for the path lines.
Below is the paths converted to polylines and with 15 minute lines in green.  This is over the DEM and not the hill shade. 

I can see where the appears to have more straiht lines than I would expect.  This is most likely due to the way the cost path is computed, from grid to grid. 

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