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Lab 8   Surface Interpolation. 

Inverse Distance Weighted

Here is the original output for the IDW interpolation.  In the upper right you can see at least one anomaly.

Output cell size of .02, a power of 2, and 12 points.

Here is the same data when the display is changed to stretched.  Here the Dipole is quite clear in the upper right, and there are hints of others toward the middle.


Here is the original output, with a cell size of .02 and 12 points

Again, the upper right shows a good dipole.

Here is the same with the stretched symbology.

Several places have possible dipoles again, but the one in the upper right is very clear.


Here is the original spline, again with the output size as .02 and 12 points.

And this one changed the symbology to stretched.  In this one, the upper right anomaly is not clear, and there are troughs around the actual search points. 

This one is is the spline with tension.

This one shows several possible dipoles, and clearly shows the upper right dipole. 

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