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Isomorphic Distance

The first step in our procedure was to calculate the Euclidean Distance. That is a straight path from point A to point B. To accomplish this ArcID 607 was selected to be the central point. The output was the following.
We also calculated the distance from the same point, except considering slope as a potentially limiting factor through the use of Tobler's table relating walking speed to slope.  This produced a raster showing anisotropic distance:

(Make sure to note that the processing extent of this raster is less than the extent to which the isotropic distance raster was calculated.  However, each raster contains all of the points in the shapefile.)

The raster above shows traveling distance in hours.  This raster was multiplied by 60 to create a raster showing travel time in minutes.

The resulting minute raster was used as the basis for a least cost path analysis, to determine the least cost paths from four sites (ArcID= 611, 811, 837, 926) to ArcID 607. The paths from each of the four points are shown in the following image.

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