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  • Field Calculator
  • Add columns to a table. Cannot add a field when in an edit session. Inappropriate use of field types can create problems. Text is good for site names, double works well for most numbers.
  • Calculating Percent. Say there are a sample of sites and some portion of the sites in this sample are looted. Using imagery or field GPS, both the area of the site and the area of looting has been determined. Each of the different sites has a different area and a different proportion of that total area is looted. To calculate the percent total of looted area one would divide the looted area by the site area and multiply by 100. If some of the sites are not looted, there will be a "0" in the looted area column. When one goes to calculate percent total of looting, ArcMap will generate an error "Error running VBA code: User interrupt or Overflow". If one uses the "select by attribute" function and select only those sites that have an area of looting > 0 the process will run correctly.


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