Blog from June, 2019

The world has been fundamentally and profoundly impacted by the ongoing waves of technological advancement and rapid digitalisation that have been in motion for decades now. As time has gone on, these waves have become bigger, better, stronger, faster, and more efficient and reliable. Now, technology is disrupting one of the world’s pillar industries on a universal scale. Education is experiencing a full-blown, global evolution, and technology is at the forefront of this revolution.  It is not necessarily a surprise, given that technological innovation has been at an all-time high in recent years, but it is no less interesting to note just how fundamentally important the technological evolutions have been to the creation of an industry that exists as education does now.

The modernisation of a traditional industry

It is no secret that education is a traditional industry. In fact, historically, education is about as traditional an industry as you can get. These days, however, the world of academics has had to play catch-up, moving up and moving on to encompass more modern iterations. These include widespread technological absolution and digital advancement. From the admissions processes for college success programs, and the submissions methods for assessments, to the classes and even entire degrees themselves, every facet of education is now offered online as well as through traditional means (i.e. the typical classroom on campus). It is the beginning of an incredibly exciting time for education, and we are only just seeing the beginning.

Why online education is so important

Online education is the most beneficial innovation that has happened to the global academic sector in recent history. The reason why is quite simple. While traditional education is not necessarily broken, it is decidedly and undeniably exclusive in that it is offered in a traditional classroom, in a location-sensitive campus, to individuals who can afford the luxury of affording education and living close to campus to make it to the compulsory classes on offer. Online education makes it possible for anyone who has an interest in education to pursue it without geographical limitations, and on their own terms. Finally, online education introduces a new frontier in education that heralds the beginning of a truly globally inclusive approach to education.

An ongoing evolution for academics around the globe

Technological advancement in education is an ongoing process of growth and further development. As is the nature of technology, it is always improving and moving up to its next iteration. There is something both intricate and profound about technology in education, as this is one of the most important industries (if not the most important industry) there is anywhere in the world. We have seen a strong beginning for technological innovation in education, and that beginning is likely only to continue to bloom and flourish as time goes on. We are moving deeper and further into the digital age, and we are ongoing going to see more impressive advancements in technological innovation the deeper and further we go. This is just the beginning of a very exciting journey.