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Students and faculty at Penn State can take advantage of a lot of different discounts for the duration of their time at the university.  From retail discounts to gym memberships, technology and more, there are a whole host of discount cards and coupons just waiting to be used.  However, one thing that many don’t consider saving money on is the cost of their insurance.  Below are some of the main insurance providers offering discounts to PSU students and faculty in 2019.

Liberty Mutual Car and Home Insurance

Liberty Mutual is one of the leading insurance providers in the United States.  They have teamed up with Penn State to provide students and alumni with an additional 10% discount on the cost of their car and home insurance.  While most university students will spend their time at university in rented accommodation, the car insurance deal is well worth it to many.  

Insuranks Student Health Insurance

Having a health insurance policy in place is vital, and although you may be young, fit and healthy, it’s something that no student should neglect.  A good health insurance policy won’t just cover you in case of an emergency or serious illness, it will also be there when you need it for preventative care. Insuranks provides a health insurance search engine that enables PSU students to find the best health insurance deals and browse based on the rating of the provider.  Students can see which providers offer the best rates for their needs, and see which providers will be there for them when they need them.

Many student health insurance plans also come with a UnitedHealth Allies discount card.  This can save students as much as 35% on dental care, 20% on eye care and 50% on weight and fitness management.

Nationwide Auto Insurance

Nationwide may have started off as a small car insurance company, but they are now one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, and indeed worldwide.  Nationwide provide auto insurance discounts to the faculty of PSU; however, it only applies when using Jill O’Brien as the insurance agent.  Having served generations of people, they are a company that can be trusted.

Travelers Insurance

Whether you are traveling home to another state during spring or summer break, or heading further afield, it’s never wise to travel without an insurance policy in place.  Although you’ll hopefully never need it, a travel insurance policy can help with the cost of medical bills, delayed or missed flights, lost luggage and more.  Travelers Insurance have special rates for students, alumni and retirees. 

For further deals, students can also sign up for the Penn State Discounts program where they can save on purchases and services for the duration of their time at the university.

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