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  • Test Result for Trac 965 on 05-16-12
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Preparation: Because in current test environment it is hard to find test records for terminating a position that has not yet begun or has already ended, I will have to artificially create this error during testing. To prepare for testing, I manually modified PositionService source codes to make it to return a fake error "0001 - POSITION NOT VALID FOR CURRENT DATE". Then I built and deployed the PAWS EAR to local server for the following testing.

1. Log into PAWS/WF as user tosd38

2. Create a TRMN form with psu id 9-2441-5651.

3. Choose Voluntary Termination.

4. Click on Continue.

6. An error message is displayed on the error message area on the top of the form. It reads as:

There are errors on this form. Please review and correct:

    You are trying to terminate the position 00258000-028 that has not yet begun or has already ended. Please contact the OHR Central Desk for guidance.

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