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1, Log into PAWS/WF as user huw6.

2. Create a TRMN form for psu ID 9-2468-6726, Type - Voluntary,  Reason - Other and termination date 09/01/12. Record the form number 163208.

3. Approve the form all the way to the end of the approval path. Confirm the form is now in Processed status.

4. Manually delete the associated access account Id WFZ206 from IBIS .  (Donna performed this step on 9/14/12)

5. Log into PAWS/WF as user tosd14. Find and open the form 163208 for the form created in Step 2.  Confirm no error is thrown.

Note: Since the psuid is on a fixed term appointment, a reappointment will need to be done July 1st by an IBIS developer.  Then another termination form will have to be processed.  Use case 65 starting over with step 1.  Thus, a new form number will have to replace the current one "163208".

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